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Tandra Page 952, October 7, 2007

Posted on Sunday 7th October 2007 06:00:00 AM

The introduction complete, I was ready to continue with the Tandra story. The plan was to essentially pick up just as I had left off almost ten years before. Dragonrok and Tremaine had been on Mount Olympus, home of the mythical Greek gods .. more ..

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Tandra Page 951, September 30, 2007

Posted on Sunday 30th September 2007 06:00:00 AM

I had proved to myself I could complete a single page from a white sheet of Bristol Board to finished ink drawing in two days with Tandra Page 950. There was less detail in page 950 than I prefer in a finished piece, but the page met minima.. more ..

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Tandra Page 950, September 23, 2007

Posted on Sunday 23rd September 2007 06:00:00 AM

I penciled and inked Tandra Page 949 spaced over several months. I kept track of the time involved and it came out to something like twenty-five or so hours. The time was right, but I needed to do a page from clean sheet of Strathmore Brist.. more ..

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Tandra Page 949, September 16, 2007

Posted on Sunday 16th September 2007 06:00:00 AM

Iíve wanted to do a serialized comics page feature since as far back as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of sitting with my grandfather as he read Little Orphan Annie to me from the Sunday Comics Section of the Memphis TN Comm.. more ..

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Crusade Of Liberation

Posted on Friday 13th July 2007 06:00:00 AM

On the cover of the first issue of Captain America Comics, the red, white and blue hero punched out Adolf Hitler. There was no controversy. No one screamed in defense of multi-culturalism, America had not been emasculated by the spineless t.. more ..

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