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Tandra Page 1510, They Want It All

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

President Donald J. Trump has proposed taking air traffic controllers from under the iron fist of government and making the organization a private corporation. And Beltway Officials are having a hissy fit. If Air Traffic is removed from the control of government, costs of flying commercial will go through the roof, Beltway Bureaucrats will be stripped of some of their power and chewing gum will suddenly disappear from candy counters. The end of the world and of civilization as we know it will be upon us. We’ve not heard agony and protest like this since Honest Abe Lincoln was told the Southern States wanted a divorce and wished to go their own way.

Honest Abe was willing to pile up a quarter million bodies to maintain his power. Hopefully, our overlords of the present day can be satisfied with a lower body count.

The counter-government continues its hostile campaign to drive Donald J. Trump from office and to install into the Oval Office a stooge to their own liking. Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton continues to be the stooge of choice. She has, after all, an enviable track record as one of the Beltway Elite. Just look at Haiti where the Clintons took advantage of a natural disaster to loot the country and pass off most of its assets to courtiers and hangers on. The Same procedure was repeated with Colombia where the Clintons teamed with Al (Save Our Polar Bears) Gore to destroy the economy and bring ecological disaster to large portions of the country.

Given Hillary Clinton’s track record on the ground in Haiti and Colombia, is there any question what Hillary and her Cronies could do for this country where there is vastly more wealth to divide up and pass out to sycophants and hangers on. The mind boggles!

But The Wicked Witch Of The Left and her cronies are not to be satisfied with having a fire sale in this country and passing out everything to the bare walls, then selling the walls for scrap lumber. What the Liberals have in mind for the United States is what they wish to accomplish for the whole of the planet with their totalitarian One World Government. With the assistance of a One World Government, there is no place to which you can run and no place in which to hide to escape the Iron Fist of the One World Regime.

These looters will not be satisfied to take everything you have nor the whole of the wealth of this nation. They look at the assets of the entire planet and they wish to do what they did in Haiti and Colombia. They want it all!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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