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Tandra Page 1514, Russia

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I am on record that I voted for Donald J. Trump to be President. I said at the time that I did not agree with everything Donald J. Trump made claim to favour, but I agreed with absolutely nothing that Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The West) Clinton stood for. For me, it was not a difficult choice.

I also made plain that, once Donald J. Trump was in the Oval Office, I had every intention of fighting him tooth and nail from day one. I expected to become an anti-Trumper.

It has not worked out that-a-way.

The primary reason I have not gone after President Donald J. Trump in the way I expected is that the man has not done all that much with which I am in opposition. In fact, Trump has not done all that much of anything that is of quality significance. A primary reason he has accomplished so little in almost six months is that Entrenched Establishment Political Hacks of both Democratic persuasion (as expected) and of Republican persuasion (also expected) have opposed President Donald J. Trump at every opportunity. In effect, the Legislative Branch of the government has been shut down since January. During whatever time the Senate and the House of Representatives have not been on vacation, on leave or taking a break from the exhausting task of doing nothing, they have been in session and engaged in the process of debating and refining how best to do nothing. Except for one Supreme Court replacement, everything President Donald J. Trump has accomplished, he has done all by his lonesome, and primarily in the face of open hostility from members of his own Executive Branch of the government. We must needs remember that most of the rank and file of the Executive Branch of this Regime are holdover and imbedded members of the previous administration and remain loyal to their former masters.

And what have the members of the “Loyal Opposition” done to pass time in the course of the past six months? They have gossiped endlessly among themselves, while the State Run Media reported every word with brain numbing repetition, upon how the arch enemy of the United States (who happened to be the Political Left’s best friend in the world some eighteen months ago) conspired to steal the election from Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton and give the Oval Office to President Donald J. Trump. There is no suggestion of how this was possible and no indication for why Russia would steal the Election from their good friends and allies, the Political Left, and give it to a man who is committed to oppose the Russians in all matters of national interest. But never mind logic. The Political Left has never been rational in any case. With complete disregard for all sanity, the Left continues to repeat the Russian Conspiracy Fantasy.

...and repeat it and repeat it and repeat it and repeat....

And Americans are frankly sick to desperation of the same conspiracy fantasy repeated like a tape loop forever. If these guys so hate President Donald J. Trump, cannot they please come up with some fresh charges, something we Americans are not right royally sick of hearing over and over ad infinitum. Give us a break!

It is not only that the absurd claims of the Political Left ring false on the face of it (The Left has made plain they do not even believe their own narrative.), but the Political Left has made it painfully obvious they have no new ideas. The Political Left has descended from anti-American and treasonous to utterly and endlessly boring!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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