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Tandra Page 1514, Spider-man Observations

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It appears my loss of interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the real deal. The most recent “Spider-man” opening, to which I was looking with heightened anticipation, came and went and I did not even notice. Ships passing in the night and all that. I learned that the new Spidey was again on the big screen when the thing made news that critics are complaining the film is not “diverse enough”, i.e. Peter Parker (Spider-man) is a male Caucasian living in Queens NY. Never mind that Peter Parker (Spider-man) is a male Caucasian living in Queens NY from the first appearance in the Marvel comic book “Amazing Fantasy” and through the entire run of the “Spider-man” series up until, apparently, quite recently when Marvel Comics editors decided he should be fundamentally transformed into an illegal immigrant living in Harlem or some such. Excuse me if I am a bit vague on Marvel Comics Editors most recent antics. I lost any interest in “Spider-man”, the comic book, back when Stevie Ditko, the original and definitive artist bailed on the feature and departed from Marvel. But the information I have is that the whole of the Marvel Comics line is in financial crisis since Marvel Comics Editors decided to fundamentally transform all of their high profile characters to in-your-face representatives of every political pressure group in existence and the comic book purchasing base, already a microscopic minority, decided to take their entertainment dollars someplace else rather than waste them on comic books that no longer interested them.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Executives, obviously much impressed with the comic book branch’s marketing abilities, have decided to follow in the same path. Marvel Studios Executives have come out in support of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and of Child Sex Trafficking while revealing that Thor is a pansy, and a rather stupid one at that.

Now I was looking with anticipation toward “Spider-man” coming on screen under the guidance of the Marvel Studios Executives. Spider-man was a show stealer in “Captain America, Civil War”. But, after Marvel’s in your face campaign for sexual insanity, I lost interest. I checked on recent Marvel Movies at the box office and sales appear to remain strong through “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2”, but I notice at my local cinema that “Spider-man” opened on only one screen. Previous Marvel Cinematic Universe releases have habitually hogged at least two screens and, in a few cases, have been on three screens.

Perchance Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are growing fatigued of being hit in the face with political correctness in Marvel Movies, particularly when DC’s Wonder Woman offers such an eye-popping alternative. “Spider-man” predictably was number one in Box Office ticket sales on opening weekend, but it is a question if the same will be true for this weekend. Marvel Studios releases typically are number one at the Box Office two or three weeks running. This is all the more interesting in that “Spider-man’s” only real competition this weekend comes from another “Planet Of The Apes” installment.

Marvel Studios has released some excellent movies over the years, but they might wish to observe the sales pit into which Marvel Comic Books have fallen after they began in-your-face political correctness and set a path of releasing comic books no one wishes to purchase. Marvel Studios would be wise to not follow the same path as their ink-on-paper brothers.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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