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Tandra Page 1515, July 16, 2015

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This commentary is titled; HATE AMERICA FIRST!

Whatever the merits or the short comings of the new “Spider-man” movie now playing at your local cinema, the news continues to be that the role of Spidey was cast to a young “white” guy. (Spoiler alert; there are no “white” persons and no “black” persons and no “Yellow” persons, not even “Self-identified Polka-dot” persons. We are all, every single one of us, shades of tan and we are all of one race. We are of the Human Race and there is none other. All artificial divisions of humans into artificially recognized “races” as determined whichever shade of tan we happen to be are political designations made for the purpose of setting one group of “people of colour” against another for political gain. In the end, we are all “People Of Colour”.) The perpetually offended clique appears horribly offended that a comic magazine character from a fifth rate publishing company should appear on the big screen as a pink shin guy, which is what he has been since he first appeared in “Amazing Fantasy” comic book all those long years back Every time I turn on the news, I hear some offended member of the perpetually offended crowd complaining at length about as how Spidey is cast as a “White” guy.

The horrible injustice of it all.

All this angst over a comic book character on the movie screens is happening, mind you, while the insane jerk in charge of North Korea is threatening to launch a nuclear war-head that might cause Southern California to break away and fall into the sea. (Not a terribly bad idea on merit, once you give it some serious thought. But I digress.) Also a hospital in England is deciding if they will execute a baby while the kid’s parents fight the State to keep the kid alive. Congress is facing a deadline as concerns an operating budget for the United States Government and is given the task of replacing or refurbishing Obamacare. A tanker recently rammed an American Destroyer and that investigation is on the table. ISIS, though weakened, continues to launch attacks on the Civilized World and, meanwhile, Jihadi fighters continue to invade the West and launch attacks on its citizens.

And headlines in the news are obsessed over the colour of Spidey’s skin!!?

The Perpetually Offended prefer “Spider-man” as an undocumented immigrant living in Harlem, or a Muslim Jihadi, or a sexually confused “Trans-gender” who flip flops between some eighty-seven possibly sexual identities with each breath it takes, or a Chinese Communist working in service of the afore mentioned Kim Jung-un. The Perpetually Offended would demand to have Spidey as almost anything with the exception of an American. It is Americans, the very thought of Americans that initiates the micro-aggressions so dear to the hearts of the Perpetually Offended, that sends them scurrying in panic for designated “Safe Spaces” where they can hold a puppy, drink warm chocolate and never be exposed to any idea that challenges their fragile make-believe universe.

When you think on it, it’s rather ironic that Marvel Studios should come under attack by the Perpetually Offended for violating the dogma of the Politically Correct. Marvel Studios has gone the extra mile in advancing the Global Weather Alarmist Agenda, in advancing the Sexual Deviancy Agenda, in advancing the Silly Putty Universe Agenda (One identifies as a member in good standing of whichever politically active pressure group one wishes and the world at large is forced by arbitrary law to recognize their fantasy as the new reality.), in advancing the indiscriminate slaughter of children as an essential facet of Women’s Health, to advance whichever delusion the political pressure group of the moment wished to claim as a “right”.

It is reported the director of the “Spider-man” flick went so far as to claim his movie is the most political pressure group sensitive of any film ever made. It may not be much fun to watch, but it panders to the Perpetually Offended like no Hollywood Product before or since. And, wouldn’t you know it, the Perpetually Offended are attacking the film because it did not go far enough.

One thing you quickly discover about the Perpetually Offended Clique is that they can never be satisfied. The more you capitulate to their demands, the more they demand. What is the reason the Perpetually Offended hate “White” Spidey? It is because, in their eyes, “White” Spidey is an American “Spider-man” and the Perpetually Offended hate America above all else.

The Perpetually Offended hate America because, while one can be born a Canadian or a Latino or a Frenchman or, most especially, a Muslim, one must become an American. American is a state of mind, a way of looking at the Universe, a realization that life is a matter of choice and that being an American requires effort, the shouldering of responsibility for who you are and who you will become. And becoming an American requires work, getting up from your sorry ass and doing something to better yourself.

The Perpetually Offended have betrayed that responsibility. Everything the Perpetually Offended make claim to be is because they were “Born That Way”. Homosexuality was forced upon them by God (though they routinely do not believe in God and they hate Him) or by circumstance or by lack of economic privilege. It’s not their fault!

Whatever you are as an American, it is indeed your fault. If you are the head of a multi-national corporation or if you clean out the toilet at the local Court House, you gained your position by your own ambition and your own ability and the path to advancement is open to you if have the will to invest in your future.

The Perpetually Offended have betrayed the responsibility for their futures and that is the reason they hate America.

May the sun always shine on your parade!

Next Week; After far too long, the Dragon Queen, Alishaine of the Ivory Crest, also called by name Kenia of the Morning Sun, has come to understand she loves Earthian David Galon and that nothing on two worlds matters to her more. But there is a problem. Whenever her passion for the Earthian increases, she sees in her mind’s eye a white hot rod of iron advancing before her gaze and feels terrible heat upon her face. At no time is the terrifying vision of the hot metal that would burn her eyes from her head more vivid that when she is alone and asleep in her private bedchamber with the curtains drawn. Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1516. Check in beginning Monday, July 17, 2017. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

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