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Tandra Page 1518, Haters

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It is said that insanity is defined as repeating the same mistake and expecting a different and improved outcome.

Various sources are given credit for this observation including Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin and Earnest J. Blackensnort. Probably these and many others have made this same comment at one time or another. It’s a fairly obvious observation and has likely been commented upon by various persons over the course of history.

Fast forward to the present and Beltway Buddy Kim Jung-dumb of North Korea’s threats against the United States and his claim to be advancing in his objective of dropping a functioning Nuclear Device on any American City of his choosing. Kim Jung-dumb’s Beltway Buddies are in no wise concerned. The best intelligence available from the same sources that did not see the possibility of the coming down of the Berlin Wall until weeks after falling bricks hit them on the noggin, assure the Beltway Elite their North Korean Best Friend does not yet have the capability to drop a bomb into the Beltway Swamp, not this week anyway. Mebbe next week, but the Cesspool Elite are past masters of the Scarlett O’Hara school of Diplomacy, “I’ll think about that tomorrow!”

However, evidence exists the North Korea Rug Rat may have the ability to hit the West Coast and that would be a tragedy indeed, particularly should an ICBM happen to strike Hollywood, the Second Beach Head in the Liberal Regressives’ assault on America. Should Hollywood be suddenly fundamentally transformed into a radio-active parking lot, the Beltway Elite would hold a Candle Light Vigil in memorial of their ideological brothers lost in the cause. No sacrifice is too great in the cause of Fundamentally Transforming this country into a failed Third World Nation, not even the loss of Barbra Streisand. But so long as the Beltway Swamp survives as the richest zip code on the planet, all is well. Let the party continue!

Since the removal of MacArthur, Beltway Policy has been to been to meet each new North Korean Crisis with bland and meaningless diplomatic jargon and to offer bribery if the Regime will only play nice and leave the Liberal Regressives to their agenda. That has worked so well to date, has it not. And now, with the regime issuing threats to make a barren rock of Guam, the Establishment is certain that the strategy that has worked so to advantage in the past should continue apace.

But President Donald J. Trump has not read the playbook. President Donald J. Trump responded to North Korean Bad Boy Kim Jung-dumb with threats of Hell Fire from the skies if the North Korean Bad Boy refuses to back off...and the Regressive Left has had a conniption! How dare President Donald J. Trump say naughty words! President Donald J. Trump is running the risk of starting World War III. On the other hand, should South Korean Rug Rat Kim Jung-dumb fundamentally transform America’s West Coast into a radio-active parking lot, that would be no big deal. That would not risk the start of war.

On the other hand, Numerous American Talking Heads who recognize in North Korean Bad Boy Kim Jung-dumb an actual threat are recommending that we designate someone else to take care of the North Korean threat. Give South Korea weapons and let them handle their Northern Neighbour, or Japan, or mebbe China could be persuaded to handle the problem.

In fact, a large number of Americans are willing, nay eager, for someone, anyone, to solve the problem of North Korean Rug Rat Kim Jung-dumb, anyone with the exception of this country. These Americans are too fond of their Monday Night Football and their Wal-mart Shopping Safaris and their Little League Participation Games to be bothered with a nasty and inconvenient war. Let someone else do the dirty work leaving Americans free to continue their daily routine unmolested.

And then there are the Quislings, South Korean Rug Rat Kim Jung-dumb’s Best Beltway Buddies who fervently hope the Bad Boy of South Korea may soon be able to bring this country down. These Quislings are outraged at President Donald J. Trump’s over the top response to Kim Jung-dumb’s threats. Fidel Castro famously said he would be happy to see Cuba fundamentally transformed into a burned out cinder if it would destroy the United States. North Korean Dictator Kim Jung-dumb’s Best Buddies of the Beltway would be delighted in a similar manner to see the American West Coast and Fly-Over Country fundamentally transformed into a radio-active parking lot if it would bring down President Donald J. Trump and set up the Beltway Elite as Supreme For Life Rulers of what might remain of this country after the Holocaust.

They hate President Donald J.. Trump and they hate America that much!

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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