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Tandra Page 1526, Champaign And Beer

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Across the nation, newspapers are shrinking is both size and circulation, ad revenues are down across the board. American cities that once had multiple newspapers available have now, in 2017, only one newspaper that mostly goes unsold among the general population.

The State Run “Main Stream” news media is in decline with most analysts revealing Americans trust the cable talking heads that decide what is news and then to report it are trusted even less than Congress. And Congress generally ranks in trustworthiness someplace south of lawyers and used car dealers.

Hollywood too is having problems with Summer Movie ticket sales down sixteen percent from last summer.

The NFL, with its high profile overpaid spoiled brat display is in similar position with fan participation down some twenty percent as reported by some observers.

And, as I have mentioned earlier this week, comic book sales are down by a hefty twenty-one percent from last year with almost a quarter of the specialty shops, where a majority of comics booklets are sold, having closed their doors over the last ten years. It may be noted that comic booklets hardly bear mentioning in the over all dismal financial pop entertainment picture as almost no one pays attention to comics these days. I only observe the sad state to which the industry has fallen because Comics is an industry with which I have personal interest.

One could make claim the terrible state of pop culture is because of an overall poor economy, but that argument rings false on the face of it. As I type this the economy is on the upswing. The stock market has never been so prosperous and Americans are finding jobs in record numbers. It is not because Americans have no money to spend that American pop culture profits are in the toilet. It is because the American Media persists in creating a product Americans are unwilling to purchase.

Should the mass media complex decide to return to producing product that Americans wish to buy, media moguls will find Americans lining up with their dollars to make purchase. Until such happy times, media executives shall need to trade in their Champaign tastes for a beer budget.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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