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Tandra Page 1527, Under Expectations

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Box Office Ticket Sales are down some 15.7 percent across the board from last year, according to reliable sources. The only bright spots for the movie industry were the movies “Wonder Woman”, “Guardians Of The Galaxy II” and “Beauty And The Beast”. The 2017 Summer landscape was littered with the corpses of failed movies and empty theatres. From Marvel Studios, the Spider-man movie, while not a financial disaster, failed to meet projections.

Looking to a brighter future, There were expectations (or hopes) for a box office rescue by the upcoming Thor movie scheduled for a Fall release. But more recent expectations have been less enthusiastic. The most recent commentary I have seen is now anticipating the Fall Rescue of Hollywood to come from the Justice League release which features a return appearance of Wonder Woman. Hope springs ever eternal from Tinsel Town.

A look at the most recent information as concerns the upcoming Thor movie may explain how it comes about that hopes have faded for a last minute rescue of Hollywood’s bottom line by the “God of Blunder”. It is reported that Marvel Studios was not overly pleased with the second solo Thor release. The numbers did not inspire rejoicing with the Marvel accountants. Of consequence, Marvel has decided to re-boot the Thor films with number three by releasing it as a comedy. Yes, Marvel is going for the belly laughs market. It seems Marvel executives are convinced the actor who portrays Thor is a wonderful stand up comedian. There should be howls of laughter throughout the Fall release. The problem with this particular marketing strategy would appear, at first blush, to be the feature bears the title “Ragnarok” and is about the death of the gods. That sounds like a real knee slapper out the starting gate!

Marvel executives are making claim that Thor has previously been far too serious, but is factually a very funny guy. To that extent it is decided Thor should act more like Tony Stark (Iron Man) and that should pull in movie houses full of paying customers.

Marvel Studios have also drafted an unknown director to push Thor off in his new and Tony Stark like path. There is nothing like grabbing for an amateur when your financial boat is taking on water.

There is also nothing like tossing a coherent plot to the wind and tossing into a film every worn and cliche set piece including the kitchen sink. What fans thought was marketing genius for Marvel’s first two phases of movie releases may turn out to have been nothing more than dumb beginners luck. We shall see come November.

To add insult to injury, Natalie Portman, who signed on to do a dozen or so films for Marvel, has been booted to the side. The Thor/Jane relationship is now toast, finished, washed up as of this third release. Like Tony Stark (again), Thor seems unable to form a lasting relationship with women. Tony Stark ditched Pepper Potts and Thor, following in Stark’s path, has ditched Jane, another great comedy plot development. But I guess there was no room for Jane when Thor set up house with his boy friend. Jane felt left out and took a hike. I did always like Natalie Portman.

So the Thor franchise is floundering, Spider-man is falling short of expectations and the Marvel Television Universe is under performing. Perchance all this is just a temporary bump in the road and Marvel Studios will recover stronger than ever.

We shall see what we shall see.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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