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Tandra Page 1527, Young Love

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Looking ahead, I have decided it has come time for Syn, Dragonrok’s son by Tremaine, to start an appreciation of girls. Syn has come to be about that age.

Casting about for possibilities, the obvious candidate for Young Syn’s initiation into the pleasures and perils of romance is a nice girl from a good family that is respected by the people of Tandra. An unquestionably excellent choice, but incredibly boring. What is youthful romance without strife and peril? I decided to look for another kind of girl for Syn.

Inspiration came to me last night while I was reading just before drifting off to sleep. The inspiration, strangely enough, leaped right off the page at me from a Western Tale by popular writer Louis L’Amour.

I was never a big fan of Louis L’Amour, but I enjoyed his tales well enough. To a certain degree I was fascinated that Louis L’Amour sold a lot of books and I was interested to discover how he managed to grow such a large fan base. I was purchasing L’Amour’s books in paperback editions and I saw that Bantam, L’Amour’s publisher at the time, had decided they could cash in by marketing a Louis L’Amour Book Club and releasing his titles in hardbound matched editions. The idea appealed to me, so I signed up and began to receive his books, one per month.

Eventually L’Amour died and stopped writing new material, in that order, and the book club shut down business.

So I have all these books in matched set and they are sitting on my shelf gathering dust. The other day I decided to begin reading them in the order L’Amour wrote them or, at least, in the order of copyright date. You can get a pretty good idea of a writer’s development when you do that.

The books make a right rapid read and I am progressing through them with surprising speed. The early books are shockingly crude with sloppy sentence structure. No writer is born. We all must suffer through on the job training.

In any case, with the book I am presently reading I came across a young female character in rebellion from her rich father. Her character struck me as interesting and I could see young Syn taking a fancy to her. She will needs be modified to a degree. I mean, I can’t have a young female from the Arizona Desert show up on Tandra. But small modifications are no real problem and it’s time for Young Syn to discover girls.

Watch for Colorado Blaine coming to a Tandra Page in the near future.

(Note; This observation was intended for post yesterday, Wednesday, but my ISP was down. The weekly Tandra Page should also have gone on line but is delayed until today for the same reason. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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