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Tandra Page 1527, The Plot Sickens

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Our Beltway Lords and Masters, “The Smartest People In The Room”, can’t seem to get their stories straight as concerns the Las Vegas Massacre and, of consequence, conspiracy theories abound. The only bed rock absolute confirmed not-open-to-question part of the Stephen Paddock Murder Spree Story of which investigators, who are challenged with an inability to look between their legs and decide if they should wear pink or if they should dress in blue, know with absolute certainty is that Stephen Paddock was, in no way connected to Islam, had no knowledge of Islam, no interest in Islam, had never met a Muslim, nor was he an agent of the Islamic State. This fact was well known and established from the moment the first shot was fired into the audience at a Country Music Gathering in Las Vegas, even before authorities had determined who was the shooter or even from where the shots were being fired.

The very first statements to come from Law Enforcement Authorities went something along the lines of; “We know for certain the shooter in this horrible attack on innocent Country Music Fans was in no way connected to Islam or to Jihad. It is known! Meanwhile we are looking into the suspect’s background and personal connections in our efforts to determine what possible motive he may have had.”

Did you get that? “We don’t have a clue as to why Stephen Paddock murdered almost sixty people, but Islam is excluded on the front end even before the investigation begins.”

Because nature abhors a vacuum, in the absence of any credible or even coherent narrative as regards Stephen Paddock or his lead-up and motive, a thriving cottage industry of speculation and imagination has sprung up as regards Paddock and suggestions and wild guesses as to what may have inspired the Las Vegas Massacre.

Fueling conspiracy theories and unhampered speculation with regards to Stephen Paddock and his murderous attack, the Keystone Cops (referred in official circles as the Federal Bureau of Investigation) has been charged with searching out the facts in this case. Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe (affectionately known by close friends and casual acquaintances as Inspector Clouseau) is the man given the responsibility of heading up the official investigation. With such trustworthy and dedicated persons and organizations in charge of this case, the remarkable facet of this whole thing is not the number of conspiracy theories freely floating about. The absolutely incredible thing is that there are not even more wild theories and absurd suggestions sprouting and taking root in the public imagination.

Absurd as are many of the conspiracies floating about, very few of them are as fanciful or as beyond the bounds of credibility that the “facts” released so far from Inspector Clouseau and his Keystone Cops Team.

Most Americans understand that the present Federal Bureau of Investigation is not the organization established under Director J. Edgar Hoover. Americans have come to understand that the primary job description of today’s FBI is covering for Islam, which pretty much explains why the first words coming from officials as concerns Stephen Paddock, even before his name was known, is that the shooter was in no way connected to Islam nor to the Islamic State.

We are also told that one of the hotel security guards discovered Stephen Paddock and was wounded while attempting to thwart his murderous assault. Except investigation has turned up no security guards listed under the name given for the proposed security guard. Was this guy working under cover and why? Does this guy even exist?

We are told Stephen Paddock made a fortune with which to purchase a room full of guns by playing Video Poker. Anyone who believes that absurd fantasy should be in the market for some prime beach front property in Tennessee that I am willing to sell at bargain prices. Here’s an open secret that pretty much everyone of age two and older knows as fact; Casino Operators do not construct mega-million dollar ticky-tacky luxury hotels, as example; Mandalay Bay, with the winnings of Video Poker Players. Such gaudy and high profile eye-sores are constructed with money taken from losers! Gamers do not get rich playing house games. Billionaires become millionaires playing Video Poker. If you can swallow that Stephen Paddock got rich playing Video Poker, you do not understand basic math and you believe the sun rises in the West on designated dates.

There is the theory that Stephen Paddock was set up. It goes something like this; Paddock was running guns. The Mandalay Bay shooting was a gun deal gone bad. The real shooter murdered Paddock, fired out the window into the Country Music Festival, then fled the scene before cops arrived.

Another theory goes the Keystone Cops are covering for their own. Paddock has a history of working for the Beltway Regime. Paddock was running guns under cover and, when the deal at Mandalay Bay went sour and Paddock was murdered, the Keystone Cops and Inspector Clouseau pulled out all the stops to protect their own. The Video Poker ruse was nothing more than a money laundering scheme to cover for the illegal funds Paddock was making selling guns.

Of course, these conspiracy theories are far-fetched and fanciful. Many of the most absurd are the official inventions coming from Inspector Clouseau and his Keystone Cops, but conspiracy theories are all Americans are likely to have at the end of the day because Inspector Clouseau and the Beltway Swamp are on the job twenty-four seven to make certain the facts of the Las Vegas Shooter remain hidden forever.

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson


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