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Tandra Page 1535, December 3, 2017

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This commentary is titled; ROBBERS’ ROOST

It is reported that the four richest counties in these United States are suburbs of Washington, D. C.

The financially rewarded residents of the four counties manufacture nothing. They produce nothing, They create nothing. These Americans sitting comfortably at the top of the financial food chain are thieves. They pass their days in looting the rest of the country and in designing ways to grab more loot and to do so more efficiently and in ever greater quantity.

It was once, in this country, made claim that “crime does not pay!” That has, of course, become a joke that is not very funny. There was a time when the path to success in this nation was to build a better widget or create a better service and the American populace would reward you by making you obscenely wealthy.

But that was then and this is now! That was before the coming of the career politician.

Today the sure fire path to wealth and prosperity is to get elected to public office and to then proceed to loot the nation to the bare walls.

But there is a difference in the thieves of Robbers’ Roost and your common New York City back alley mugger. The mugger places his freedom and safety at risk whenever he applies his trade. If he is apprehended in the act of liberating a wallet from his victim, the thief is at risk of passing some quality time in the slammer.

Not so the residents of Robbers’ Roost. Beltway thugs write and pass laws that make their mugging of Americans legal. A Beltway Mugger runs no risk if he is caught lifting the wallet from his victim. In fact laws are written to assure victims of Beltway Muggers face punishment and prison time if they do not willingly turn over their wallets and all the cash in their pockets to the amoral residents of Robbers’ Roost.

Whatever happens, the Mugger from Robbers’ Roost is in no danger whatsoever as he loots this nation because laws are created to protect the Beltway Mugger and to target honest Americans.

Is this a great country or what?

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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