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Tandra Page 1535, Chandra Levy

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Who remembers Chandra Levy?

I confess I do not, but Chandra Levy was big news on September 10, the day before Nine-Eleven when the Muslim attack against the Two Towers in New York City and the Pentagon became the biggest story since Pearl Harbour and drove everything else off the front page and from the evening news, including the sordid story of Chandra Levy and Congressman Gary Condit with whom Chandra was having a secret affair. A few months later, Chandra Levy’s body was found and a “Washington Man” was charged with the murder. It turned out the “Washington Man” was an illegal import from Salvador by the name of Ingmar Guandique and was involved with the MS-13 terrorist drug gang. “Illegal Import” is, of course, code for Democrat Operative and Undocumented Democrat Voter. Discovering Ingmar Guandique was a godsend for Congressman Gary Condit who had previously been primary suspect in the murder of Chandra Levy. Congressman Gary Condit was heavy into a re-election campaign and the making public his affair with Chandra Levy placed Gary Condit’s public service career at risk. Chandra Levy had been fundamentally transformed from a secret sexual affair into a dangerous public liability.

And Chandra Levy was suddenly dead. Chandra Levy’s incredibly convenient death did not erase the damage to Gary Condit’s political career, but it effectively removed the possible embarrassment that could have come about from anything she might have revealed about Congressman Condit as regards any “pillow talk” the two may have exchanged.

I make mention of all this to observe that my weekend commentary the Sunday previous to Nine Eleven was all about Congressman Gary Condit and Chandra Levy. As of that commentary, Chandra Levy’s body had not been discovered and suspicion centered around Congressman Gary Condit as the prime suspect as to being the most logical person to have removed Chandra Levy from public view by way of murder or by other means.

Now it is reported that the name of Chandra Levy is again prominent in the dark alleys and the sexual alliance meeting points in the Beltway. One target of a well known sexual predator, who is a highly respected member of Congress, made claim the sexual predator made threat to her by suggesting that, should she refuse his advances, the same fate might overtake her as was the case with Chandra Levy.

Advice to women; if you care anything about your virtue, your self respect or your life, stay the hell out of the Nation’s Capitol. And for women who currently are involved with the Ruling Establishment (both parties), the best advice possible is that you immediately cut any ties to the Swamp and to the moral degenerates who reside there and get as far from the predatory crowd as possible. Please understand there are no politicians nor power brokers in the Beltway (neither Republican nor Democrat) who are excluded from this recommendation.

You are warned!

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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