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Tandra Page 1539, Citizen Wolff

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“Citizen Kane”, the movie, is cited by many critics and movie buffs as the greatest Hollywood film of all time. Because I like Hollywood films (There are obvious exceptions, but we won’t go there.), I bought the thing on tape and watched it. This was long years ago before DVD movies. The thing is simply unwatchable. That’s the short version.

I probably should have been fore warned. Almost any movie the critics love is not worth the time required to realize the critics are having another slobbering love affair over another turkey. (There are obvious exceptions, but we won’t go there.)

Amid the raves about Orson Wells’ ground breaking camera technique and his revolutionary editing, one comes to understand “Citizen Kane” did not do particularly well at the Box Office. One confirmation of the financial disaster this movie turned out to be is that Wells was never again given a major Hollywood project to bring to the big screen. This is, of course, another reason the critics and Hollywood Intellectuals absolutely love “Citizen Kane”. Hollywood Critics absolutely swoon over a movie no one other than themselves wants to watch.

“Citizen Kane” had a lot going for it. Orson Wells had made his reputation in radio. He had brought to radio the audio “War Of The Worlds” that threw a nation into panic. Wells transformed the novel into a series of news broadcasts and people tuning into the show were convinced that Martians had indeed invaded the United States, particularly the state of New Jersey. So Wells had his street creds. “Citizen Kane” was advertised as a take down of newspaper tycoon William Randolf Hearst. Hearst apparently contributed to promotion of the movie by making threats to take legal action if Wells released the movie. Even such over the top antics could not convince Americans to line up and sit through “Citizen Kane”.

Fast forward and one Michael Wolff has released a book with the objective of taking down President Donald J. Trump. Like William Randolf Hearst before him, President Donald J. Trump has contributed to promotion of the book by threatening legal action if it is released. The Book is out as I type this. Trump haters are purchasing the book in substantial numbers. The obvious question is will they actually read the damn thing? I mean holding up a copy of the book and bragging to your friends that you have done your part to strike at the President is one thing. Actually reading through page after page of a publication that is nothing more than insult after insult against the President is something else, indeed. I heard someone make comment that reading Wolff’s book is almost as thrilling as watching paint dry. Exciting stuff to be sure!

The unfortunate consequence of all this is that one Steve Bannon has, through lack of judicious control of his tongue, come a cropper. That’s a shame. Bannon has potential to be a major asset in the draining of the swamp going forward. It is unfortunate if Bannon has effectively nullified his abilities.

Like a wayward kid writing obscenities on the walls of a church, Michael Wolff has his moment in the spotlight and the Never Trumpers will celebrate his antics for a season. But Wolff is working a crowded field and he will be forgotten by about mid-week as a new spoiled brat steps forward to scrawl his particular string of obscenities on the church wall.

May Michael Wolff have his day in the spotlight. The bulb will burn out shortly.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -author unknown


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