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Tandra Page 1540, The Goode Ole Days

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I was intending to write today on how it is the Liberal Regressives have abandoned and betrayed the African-American community. Why bother pandering to a political pressure group that is reliably and consistently owned lock, stock and barrel by their Liberal Regressive masters. What possible purpose might it serve? So the Liberal Regressives have stored the African-American community away in government housing projects to bring them out come election time and vote as they are instructed. Otherwise African-Americans can be safely ignored while Liberal Regressives court other pressure groups, most notably illegal aliens, otherwise known as unregistered Democrat Voters.

But other items of interest arrested my attention today.

I see this on a regular basis; the culture is going to hell in a hand basket. Americans must needs return to a time of idyllic bliss when things were perfect and everyone was happy and content. This is not a partisan issue. It is a longing common with both Democrats and Republicans. For Republicans, the perfect and ideal time in America appears to be the Fifties when everyone passed their time sitting around the television set and watching “Leave It To Beaver”. Democrats prefer the Kennedy Administration and “Camelot on the Potomac”. Most everyone is unhappy with present conditions and longs for his own personal Garden of Eden.

Actually, the true time of paradise is most generally the age of ten, when Mom and Dad took care of everything and the most pressing problem was the possibility of a pop quiz the next day at school. Ah, those were “The Goode Ole Days”!

Nowadays, of course, everything is wrong with the world. The economy is in the tank, Americans are shooting each other in the streets, politicians are corrupt, the boss hates us and we are older. Life is a bitch. Popular culture is, of course, as bad as it can possible be with graphic displays of sex and violence. “Leave It To Beaver” no longer shows on the television set. The Beaver has been replaced by “Game Of Thrones” with all its corruption and depravity. Things have never been so bad and graphic violence never so unashamedly glorified.

Excuse me, has anyone recently read “The Iliad”? As one of the oldest examples of literature still available, “The Iliad” boasts scene after scene of depraved sex and bloody violence. Go read the thing. Sex and violence are not a new innovation to popular culture. As for horrible monsters and living corpses, go looking back through the Classic Greek Myths. Heroes are not heroes without a depraved and vicious enemy against which to test their courage.

And if you want unrestrained depravity, look to the Holy Bible for sex and murder, for torture and corruption, for incest and betrayal. Yes, it’s all there in graphic detail. Not exactly “Leave It To Beaver”.

Literature through the times from the ancient past to tonight’s television has always portrayed extremes in human conduct. That is the reason people read books and watch tele-plays. Depravity is not an invention of recent creation.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -author unknown


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