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Tandra Page 1540, Beyond Insane

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It is reported that the powers that be in Great Britain have decided women who give birth can no longer be called “mothers” because men who “identify as women” could be offended. It is made claim by the self-identified “Smartest People In The Room” that, while no man has yet given birth, a man play-pretending to be a woman might, at some time in the future, decide to birth a baby and so, according to the “Smartest People In The Room”, the man who might decide to birth a baby could be offended.

Right. And while such a thing has not yet happened, someday a pig may decide to fly and, of consequence, we should all start to begin to commence to get ready to refer to pigs as “sparrows”.

Are these people out of their tiny minds?

Sorry, rhetorical question.

But seriously folks, this has gone beyond ridiculous and beyond absurd. This is grown-ups trying to act like four year olds, with a difference that when a four year old runs around the house yelling, “Budden,budden!” while pretending he is a race car driver, the four year old knows full well he is engaging in play-pretend. Apparently your average four year old has more intelligence and a more functional connection to reality than does your average “Smartest Person In The Room”.

So let me see if I get this right. Fools who are too dumb or too politically correct (same thing) to look between their legs and decide if they should wear pink or if they should dress in blue have decided the mentally dysfunctional have license to determine reality for the rest of us?

So some idiot who decides to play-pretend he is a brain surgeon now has license to walk into any hospital operating room and perform surgery on whichever patient he chooses because his fragile ego might be damaged should some sane person who still has solid connection to what is makes the rational observation the fool play-pretending to be a brain surgeon is in no wise qualified to perform surgery and to allow him to do so is criminal misconduct. Or a sanitation engineer who has never before seen a commercial passenger jet is allowed to walk into the cockpit of a seven-forty-seven and sit at the controls because he has decided to self-identify as a qualified airline pilot.

It’s not the self-delusional who are at fault here. The people at fault here are the “Smartest People In The Room” who allow the mentally unstable to run about engaging their delusions and placing the remainder of mankind at risk.

Sooner rather than later the “Smartest People In The Room” are going to get a bunch of people killed!

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -author unknown


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