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Tandra Page 1540, Corruption On Steroids

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The Beltway no longer does budgets. Now the regime does “Continuing Resolutions”.

This is not a partisan issue, not a scheme to spend tons of money for questionable purpose put forth by Democrats nor by Republicans. “Continuing Resolutions” are a scheme to “cook the books” and funnel money to special interests and campaign donors enthusiastically supported by both political parties. It is truly a bi-partisan scheme to pass out cash to cronies and courtiers of whichever corrupt political persuasion.

An observer has noted that, at base, a government is indistinguishable from a criminal enterprise. We see this hard truth demonstrated before our eyes on the Nightly News every evening.

Governments may be ineffectual at confronting foreign dictators, they may have a confused foreign policy. Governments may allow our national defense to deteriorate into a special interest social club and governments may screw up national medical care until it is inferior to your third rate banana republic. Governments may allow essential infrastructure to fall into critical disrepair.

But the one thing at which all governments exceed is in stealing the people blind.

Governments do this in any number of ways. Governments steal by way of exorbitant taxes, but the draw back of taxes is the people eventually get fed to the teeth of having their property confiscated to create luxury and privileged for corrupt bureaucrats. A more popular form of taxation is inflation. Governments create piles of funny money to purchase everything they may imagine with the result that pressure on goods and services drives the price through the stratosphere and the people are left to purchase essentials with worthless paper. Americans already notice the value of our official currency has fallen 500% over the past half century.

Now Beltway Snake Oil Promoters have observed they can spend without accountability by passing “Continuing Resolutions” and there is no paper trail by which the American People can trace government spending. Such playing fast and loose with the economy has become standard practice irrespective of who sits the Oval Office.

Don’t expect a return to economic responsibility any time soon.

It ain’t gonna happen!

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -author unknown


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