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Tandra Page 1709, Treaty Of Cooperation

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The Chinese Communist Regime is quietly taking possession of the South China Sea by way of a show of military force as I type this. But don’t worry. The National Socialist Democrat Workers Party of America and their front man, the Oval Office Derelict, has no problem with Chinese Communist Party expansion because, as the Derelict has assured us, the Chinese Communists are “good people”. As demonstration of how “good” the Chinese Communist Party demonstrates itself to be, didn’t Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping authorize millions of dollars into the banking account of the Derelict’s family fundamentally transforming them into very wealthy folks indeed? Good people, indeed.

In demonstration of how “good” are the Chinese Communists, when Americans go to Wal-mart they purchase an abundance of cheap foreign goods made in China by Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping’s child slaves. Of course the Chinese Communists are “good people” and no wonder Wal-mart executives and the heads of other big corporations love the Chinese Communist Party as one might love a brother. Good People All!

And the Chinese Communist Party is again saber rattling while making show to take over the dissident island of Tiawan by military force. The Chinese Communist Party has long lusted for Tiawan, but has been reluctant to press the matter because Tiawan has a treaty of defense with the United States to defend the island nation against Chinese Communist Party aggression. But, these days, with the Derelict in the Oval Office, that treaty is not worth the paper it is written on. Don’t look to the Oval Office Derelict to defend Tiawan against the Chinese Communist Party because the Chinese Communists are “good people” and are responsible for the Derelict’s family fortune. All the Derelict is and all he owns the Derelict owes to Chinese Communist Party Chairman Xi Jinping. The Derelict is not going to be demanding the Chinese Communists be forbidden from crossing any red lines any time soon.

And speaking of red lines, the Chinese Communist Party has just signed a treaty with the Iranian Regime to build a Chinese Military Base in Iran and to stock it with 5000 Chinese Military Troops. Expect the Chinese Communist Party and the Murderous Mullahs to grow more and more cozy in the short term.

And concerning treaties (Late Breaking News; you read it here first!), expect the Beltway Regime to sign a far reaching Treaty Of Cooperation with the Chinese Communist Party sooner rather than later. We all understand the Chinese Communist Party owns the Derelict and his family lock, stock and barrel. Everything the Derelict is or ever hopes to be he owes to the Chinese Communist Party, “good people all”.

As to the fast track Treaty Of Cooperation; read that as “a Treaty of Unconditional Surrender to the Chinese Communist Regime”! And not one hundred days have yet passed of the new administration!

We all knew it was coming, did we not?

“Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated!”

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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