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Tandra Page 1717, Partnering With A Derelict

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Americans are understandably concerned with the raging political brush fires blazing here at home fueled by the corrupt Beltway Regime, and we tend not to pay over much attention to the forest fires exploding on the other side of the globe. But I have connections to Israel because I have an interest in the Middle East in general and in Israel in particular. I subscribe to the Times of Israel and to communications from Caroline Glick, an Israeli Observer.

While Americans are obsessed with the complete and obsessive de-construction of this United States as being carried out in the corrupt Beltway Regime, Israel suffered a major set-back this past week with the loss of Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister. After years of a campaign to remove Netanyahu by whichever means necessary, the Israeli Political Establishment was finally able to defeat Netanyahu and to replace him with a ruling oligarchy that has proclaimed itself to be in the pocket of the Beltway Derelict Regime.

Contrast in the priorities of the two Israeli Ruling Coalitions can be seen as follows; Netanyahu had proclaimed he placed high value upon the traditional friendship between Israel and the Beltway Regime, but Netanyahu proclaimed his highest priority is the defense and preservation of Israel. The new Israeli Coalition has, by contrast, proclaimed its allegiance to the Derelict in the Oval Office and will follow his lead as to how Israel conducts international relations, particular Israel’s relations with Iran, a regime that has sworn repeatedly and without variance to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth.

Destroying Israel is not simply one of the many items on the Iranian Regime’s wish list, a desire among many other objectives. Destroying Israel is the single item at the top of the list of supreme importance above all others!

In becoming a satrap of the Corrupt Beltway Administration, the new Israeli Government is placing itself in the hands of a criminal organization that has allied itself with Israel’s worst enemies; the corrupt Beltway Administration has positioned itself as an ideological ally of the Murderous Mullahs who have sworn to destroy Israel and this is the corrupt regime the new Israeli Government has sworn to look to for defending Israel from her enemies.

To make the situation absolutely clear, the negotiators the Beltway Regime has chosen to arrange alliance between the Beltway Regime and the Murderous Mullahs are Israel Haters of the first order who have an agenda to cooperate with the Murderous Mullahs to fundamentally transform Iran into the dominant power in the Middle East.

The new Israeli coalition reminds me of the tale of the maid who found a pretty serpent frozen in the snow beside the path. She was seduced by the beauty of the serpent and took it home to restore it to health. She placed the serpent by the fire and fed it until it was recovered. When she picked up the serpent to caress it, the serpent bit her! “Oh!” exclaimed the maid, “I saved your life and now you have killed me with your vicious bite! How could you?” Replied the serpent; “Did you not know I am a serpent?”

The corrupt Beltway Administration is a vicious serpent the Israelis have taken to their breast to caress. You can bet they will, like unto the maid, be shocked when the Derelict Administration bites them with deadly venom! Do the Israelis not know they are dealing with a vicious and deadly viper?!

“In the fight for Liberty, you will find the most intense opposition coming at you from slaves who are comfortable in their chains!”

“They’ll know where to find me,” -Rick Blaine, “Casablanca”

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