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Chris Hanther
Hanthercraft International
P. O. Box 719
Corinth MS 38835-0719
Phone: 800-634-4050

Tandra celebrates 36 years creating American sci-fi fantasy picture story.

Corinth, MS -- June 17, 2009 - First created in 1973 as a newspaper advertising promotion and then continued in stand alone ink on paper booklets, Tandra has, over the past eighteen months, achieved success with full colour weekly installments posted every Sunday on the Tandra web site. A current week's Tandra Page can be viewed for free, but access to the extensive Tandra back story archives requires a $9.95

"I have always been a hero junkie," writer and illustrator Hanther confessed. "I came up reading about heroes and watching heroic adventure movies. But, as I grew older, true heroes went into exile to be replaced by neurotic misfits with ethical problems. A popular newspaper syndicate cartoonist revealed today"s perspective on adventure fiction best when he insisted he dealt with adult themes of failure and frustration. I have always believed achievement and success are also adult themes.

"I kept waiting for someone to create new American Heroes, but all of today's protagonists in American Culture were the type who cheated on their wives, had alcohol/drug problems or were neurotic basket cases. This was done, we were told, to create heroes we could identify with. I was not looking for heroes with whom I could identify. I wanted heroes I could look up to. I was not interested in protagonists who would help me feel good about my failures, I wanted heroes who would inspire me to achieve success.

"As the heroes I wanted did not appear to be forthcoming from the purveyors of popular media, I decided I would have to create them myself and Tandra was born.

"Positioning Tandra as an American Adventure does not bind my feature to any administration nor to the ideology of either political party. I don"t advocate the political agenda of the Republicans nor do I favor the Democrats and I find no sympathy with the so called independents. I am generally distrustful of all politicians of whatever stripe. I sometimes use the family dog as an illustration in that you can love your dog without having any particular affection for its fleas. In the same manner you can love your country without having admiration for the politicians that infest it.

"It has been a wonderful thirty-six years," Hanther added, "and I have had the time of my life, but we are just getting warmed up. Wait until you see what we have planned for you over the next thirty-six years!"

Tandra picture adventure pages continue to be posted every Sunday at for free viewing while the back story is available by joining the Tandra Brigade with an annual membership fee of $9.95. Many of the ink on paper Tandra publications are available from our on-line store.

Tandra, we do heroes...and gods!

For information: or

Phone: 800-634-4050

Ignite Your Imagination!

Hanthercraft International is a multi-media company dedicated to the development of new standards for the presentation of visual narrative. This dynamic new concept is inspired from the best elements of movies, video, comics and interactive computer games for a composite product that is greater than the sum of its parts and inspires you, our customers, to truly Ignite Your Imagination! Our purpose is the redefinition of the picture story for the twenty-first century and the release of this new digital experience to a greatly expanded audience eager for a product that is visually exciting, emotionally satisfying and artistically stimulating.

Hanthercraft International released the first Beta Test of the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM for Spring 2002. Adapted from Hanther's classic sci-fi Tandra illo-epic, this experimental CD-ROM redefined for today's audience the standards by which a text and illustration feature should be best evaluated. More important to the long range success of this important new electronics based presentation, the Beta Test Tandra Active Image CD-ROM allowed for essential feedback from fans who purchased the Beta version and gave us the opportunity to refine the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM into a final product more precisely attuned to the requirements of the marketplace.

With careful evaluation of the data supplied to us by our Beta Testers along with our own inspiration from close association with the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM, we have created the final consumer version release of the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM, Broken Faith available for immediate delivery. This CD-ROM is only the first of a proposed series of picture narrative CD-ROM projects to be released by Hanthercraft International. Look for the Spring 2007 release of the Tandra Active Image CD-ROM Volume II, Ice And Iron, the second release in the Complete Tandra Series that will see all the classic Tandra adventures again available for Tandra fans. In addition, this new Tandra format will see new, never before released Tandra adventures concentrating on the Second Generation Tandra characters. This is certainly the time to Ignite Your Imagination with exciting new Tandra Active Image Adventures on CD-ROM!

What Is Tandra

Any number of fans and site visitors have asked for a sound bite answer to that question. I have expended a considerable amount of brain power in the effort to condense the Tandra Experience down into a dozen or so well chosen words. The answer to what is Tandra is as follows; Tandra is character driven sci-fi biased heroic fantasy adventure set in an alternate universe! Now, try saying that all in one breath.

Those of you wanting an explanation with a bit more detail, something that is more than an evening news sound bite should click this link to go to the Tandra Overview Page. I have on several occasions provided a history of sorts for Tandra, most notably with Tandra plates 272 thru 277 wherein Queen Kenia gave her version of the deterioration of the Anglian Empire, an empire that ruled all of Tandra from the beginning of recorded time, and progressed to the present wherein the former world empire is nothing more that a glorified city-state. In Dragonrok Comics issue #10 I revealed how and why the world of Tandra first came to be and how this is critical to the personality of Tremaine, Kenia's younger sister. I have also alluded the Golden Folk are the original owners of Tandra and how they brought slaves from Earth to assist with the heavy lifting and the Earth born slaves revolted from their masters to take Tandra for themselves. Those of you interested to know more will wish to go to the Tandra Overview Page to learn more of the essential history of Tandra.

Beyond Tandra

With the success of new Tandra adventures on CD-ROM, Hanthercraft is actively seeking other properties to adapt to this exciting new electronic media experience. There are currently several properties in negotiation as I type this and we are looking to add to our list of interest. If you are a creator with a marketable property that has had success in the traditional comics market, or if you have virgin material that is completely untried, but you would be interested in producing your maiden voyage in this exciting new media, you should get in tough with us by phone at 1-800-634-4050, by E-mail, or by sending samples to us by traditional snail mail. (Be certain the copies you send by snail mail are just that...copies! We accept no responsibility for originals lost in transit by the USPS or inadvertently miss placed by our staff. In any case, good clean copies will give us an excellent idea if we need to see your originals and, if such transpires, special arrangements can be made.)

We expect we shall require a minimal production staff at some date in the near future, but we are not hiring production people at this time as our present and overworked staff remains capable to handle the load for the moment.

Be sure to check our What's New page for the most recent updates and for more news of our most recent projects.

'Til next time, keep your powder dry and I'm out of here!