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Tandra Page 950, September 23, 2007

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I penciled and inked Tandra Page 949 spaced over several months. I kept track of the time involved and it came out to something like twenty-five or so hours. The time was right, but I needed to do a page from clean sheet of Strathmore Bristol Board to finished art in a single two day period if I was to keep a weekly posting schedule. I began working with a new sheet of Bristol board at about nine in the morning on Saturday and finished pencils around four in the afternoon. So far, so good. I looked at the page and decided it looked rushed, but I also understood it would need to work to stay within the schedule I had promised.

I started with inking at about six in the morning on Sunday and finished the page at five or near about Sunday afternoon. There was less detail on the page than I prefer, but I had completed a page from blank paper to finished art within the time frame required. With still a month before my September 16 deadline for posting the first page, I was up and running.

But all was not well for getting a 23 inch by 29 page on the computer screen. I needed to have a reduced image to place on my scanner. My procedure had been, as I have detailed in the interview on the Tandra CD-ROM, to take original Tandra pages to a local print shop and request photo print monochrome images to the proper size. I could then lay the 8.5” x 11” sheets on my scanner and import them to computer hard drive. The problem arose that technology has changed and no one locally is making image print outs. It was recommended I try printers from farther away. The flaw there was no print company I contacted had a camera bed for shooting line art from a 23” x 29” sheet of Bristol Board. So long as I have produced Tandra, it is an issue I work larger than most illustrators and the print shop I do business with has been the only one close by that has a camera with an image bed large enough to handle my sheets of Bristol Board. I had thought over the years that while my favourite print shop was the only near by shop to have a large camera for shooting oversized art, certainly a shop in a larger city would have such a camera. I was obviously incorrect in my assumptions.

Returning to the original printers, I suggested I wanted 500 letter size pages printed up with my Tandra page as the printed piece. That could be done easily. The holdup, so it appeared, the chemicals for creating a single photo image from the film negative were no longer being produced.

So, the problem was solved. I could have a negative made at the print shop, then scan the negative image into my computer and invert the image from negative to positive image in Photoshop. Simple, really. And that has been my procedure for creating the new Tandra pages. Now you understand there is more to getting pages for you to download from our site than just writing and drawing the stuff, then adding colour.

Radio Hero

You will be interested to know I have been confirmed to appear in the radio show “The Gathering Storm” on the date October 16, 2000 at 12:30 PM PST. I will be discussing Islam and the campaign of Islamist slave masters to subjugate the whole of the world to the absolute rule of their subhuman ideology by way of force, intimidation, and/or subversion and how the story theme of Tandra fits into the preservation of American Ideals and the freedom of human kind.

If you would like to hear me in my natural southern redneck voice, check in to hear the show, or download the sound file for listening at your leisure.

Next week; Tandra Page 951 titled “Ms. Crimea River”

See ya then,

May the sun always shine on your parade.