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Crusade Of Liberation

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On the cover of the first issue of Captain America Comics, the red, white and blue hero punched out Adolf Hitler. There was no controversy. No one screamed in defense of multi-culturalism, America had not been emasculated by the spineless timidity of the politically correct. Everyone knew Hitler was the bad guy and we knew Americans were the good guys.

But, while certainly spectacular in his costume made of an American flag, Captain America came to the conflict late. Popular newspaper syndicated comic strip creator Milton Caniff had already declared war on the Axis powers in his iconic newspaper feature, Terry And The Pirates, Because the United States was not officially at war with Japan, Caniff was not allowed to call the Japanese by name in his widely read adventure strip. Rather he referred to them simply as The Invader, but everyone knew about whom he was writing.

Milt Caniff and the creators of Captain America did not stand alone in taking on the totalitarian regimes that threatened the world with subjugation in the early part of the last century. Every four colour hero worth his salt took his turn at punching out Hitler and the Japanese, from Joe Palooka to Little Orphan Annie in the daily newspapers and Boy Commandos to The Sub-mariner in the comics pamphlets of the time. Some of the characters, Spy Smasher and Blackhawk, were created specifically to confront the Nazis and the Japs.

Nor were the patriotic themes restricted to newsprint comics. Totalitarian confrontation themed product poured from Hollywood and the radio. Popular fiction filled to overflow with heroes who fought the enemy. Even Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan dusted off his loin cloth one last time to take on the Japanese “Monkey Men”.

We knew who was the enemy and we knew who we were!

But, in the first decade of the new century, America stands paralyzed and tongue tied in the face of an ancient enemy that openly brags of the intention of bringing about our total destruction. Comics are silent. Popular fiction is mute. Even the one movie filmed concerning the destruction of the World trade Center never makes mention of why the towering skyscrapers fell, as though the crash of two massive buildings was just a naturally occurring event, the consequence of a brisk wind or possibly termites. Only one character in the movie makes mention this attack against America might possibly be an act of war!

There have, to be sure, been a few feeble attempts at confrontation with our enemy in popular fiction. Recognized comics creator Frank Miller’s 300, a comic book portrayal of Thermopylae, was made into a successful film hailed by some as an allegory of the present confrontation between Western Civilization and Islam. Miller also announced his intention of a tale in which the iconic DC character Batman takes on Osama bin Laden. Word is that project had been shelved by the corporate copyright holders of the Batman character for fear of upsetting the Arab Oil Barons.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in her book Infidel, insists the way to confront Islam is with images and technology. “Political speeches are fine,” she writes, ‘but it’s time now for satire, for art, for movies and books. Creative people with a dissident message need to get beyond the mental block that prevents them from treating religion like any other subject - and from treating Islam like any other religion. They need to get their own message across with pictures, not just with words, to people who don’t, literally or metaphorically, speak their language."

Dr. Wafa Sultan denounced the prophet Muhammad as evil and says the Qu’ran must be destroyed because it advocates violence against those who are not Muslim. Dr. Sultan insists Muslims must be liberated from the shackles of their beliefs. “I believe the only way is to expose the Muslims to different cultures, different thoughts, different belief systems,” says Dr. Sultan.

Islam is not the ultimate evil in the world. The ultimate evil, a crime against humanity for which they can never be forgiven, is Western leaders’ total and absolute indifference to the terrible oppression suffered by one billion human beings on this planet under the grinding totalitarian heel of Islam. There are no innocents here. The information concerning the vicious intentions of the Islamic overlords is available in books and on the internet and, most explicitly, from the mouths of the Islamists themselves. Western leaders know full well the evil to which they are making accommodations. Theirs is no excuse. They bow and submit to the Arab Oil Barons because they tremble in unholy terror in fear the supply of oil might be reduced or they look upon Islamic ideology with secret envy in the hope they can turn Islam to their own political advantage. There are no other justifications to explain Western apologists submission to Islam and to the evil that is the heart of this subhuman ideology.

Make no mistake, when one makes accommodations with evil there always comes the time when evil requires return payment, and the payment is invariably demanded at the most inopportune time and the price demanded is of an amount one can least afford. Works out that way every time, without exception!

I know not which course others may choose, but I find I cannot look myself in the mirror each morning if I accept, with absolute indifference, the terrible fate of a billion souls under the vicious oppression of Islamic Ideology. Islamists the world over cry out begging for liberation.

The war for the liberation of a billion human beings is not primarily a war of arms and troops. The war for the liberation of Muslims is, at heart, a confrontation of ideas.

It is not my intention to make of Tandra an all anti-Islam all the time propaganda strip. Islam is only the most recent high profile variant of a poison that has infected humankind through history. National Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Islam or any other brand of totalitarian ideology, the poison remains the same and only the label on the package changes. Of the various totalitarian oppressive ideologies that have risen against mankind over the course of human history, Islam is only the most blatant, the crudest and the most overtly savage, but the Islamic ideology is at, base, only a minor variant of an insidious cancer that has afflicted humankind since man first stood on his hind legs. Totalitarian subjugation is a universal disease eating away at man’s spirit. Once the disease is cut away, Islam will wither like mold in the summer sunshine.

I made the choice of beginning the new weekly updated Tandra pages with a tale that strikes for the liberation of the slaves of Islam because of the present world condition and because the Islamists overlords are waging open warfare against civilization and no one is raising a voice to call for the upholding of Western ideals. I shall likely revisit the specifics of Islam again at some future date, but for the present I am eager to return to Tandra where there are stories to be told and where I can confront the universal evil that faces humankind in more abstract and generalized themes than can be effectively projected by restricting the campaign to the variant of evil that is Islam.

And to what purpose do I propose in the scheme of world order for a mere weekly comic page concerned with fictional characters on a world that never was except in my own imagination?

Comic art exists to entertain and to possibly enlighten and inspire. If you enjoy the adventures of the Tandra characters and their universe, my essential purpose is accomplished. If, as a bonus, the Tandra story line gives you incentive to look into the subhuman ideology of Islam and of other totalitarian assaults on humankind and to reject the threat of the totalitarian overlords and slave-masters, no matter the brand of oppression they may be peddling, then my crusade is fully realized beyond my primary purpose. Please understand, my call is not to guns and armies. I make the call to engagement in a war of ideas. Our purpose is not to wage war against the billion human beings now oppressed beneath the grinding heel of this vicious ideology. These billion souls are not our enemy! These poor people are the first victims of the Islamic ideology. If we free the victims, the slavemasters will lose their power and return to the dank caves from which they crawled.

One of my heroes, John Wood Campbell, father of the modern science fiction story, famously said, “I don’t care what they think so long as they, by God, think!”

Campbell believed a man who used his intellectual ability in a rational manner would chart the proper course in his life and was immune from the fraudulent designs of con artists and power hungry politicians and would reject the false claims of the enemies of civilization. Use your mind and think. You will not fall short. And enjoy the new Tandra page every week!

May the sun always shine on your parade.

'Til next time, I'm outta here,