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Tandra Page 1535, Allies In Depravity

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Islamic Law makes claim to Muslims that beating your wife is acceptable behavior and even describes the designated method for doing so. Islamic Law proscribes that devout Muslims make no friends of “apes and pigs” (Jews) nor with “People Of The Book” (Christians). Islamic Law makes clear that a believer has no guarantee of his promised third rate brothel style after life no matter if he is the perfect and faithful Muslim. The only way by which a Muslim may lay uncontested claim to his dream of 72 perpetual virgins, all the food he can eat (a Muslim in the after life is guaranteed the ability to “pig out” as he wishes, but all the food he can stuff into his face never satisfies. His hunger is never satiated.) and all the non-alcoholic liquor he can swill is to slaughter in this life as many “kuffar” (infidels) as is possible until the devout Muslim is himself cut down. Only then, as reward for his heroic act of mass slaughter, the devout Muslim is guaranteed eternity in the third rate brothel that is the Muslim concept of Paradise. Islamic Law condones and promotes slavery, most particularly sex slavery. Islamic Law advocates sex with children. (Muhammad, the Perfect Example of Human Conduct, is reported to have married his preferred wife when she was six years old and when he was in his Fifties.) Islamic Law is unapologetically racist in nature, holding contempt and hatred for people of dark skin. Islamic Law promotes and advocates lying to advance the cause of Islam.

Islam is a depraved and evil ideology that has been a plague upon the mankind for over 1400 years. Islam has visited slaughter and misery upon the peoples of the world and resulting in rivers of blood and corpses piled high from the ranks of those who fail to accept this vicious and intolerant ideology. But for all the evil and misery Islam has visited upon those who are not Muslim, the acts of viciousness and depravity against Muslims is even worse. Before Islam set about to conquer and enslave the whole of the world, Islam first conquered and enslaved Muslims. All the crimes and debauchery Islam has initiated against the “kuffar” Islam first directed toward Muslims.

And yet our enlightened and tolerant Controlling Class has joined in a “slobbering love affair” with this depraved and evil ideology. The Liberal Regressives who identify as the Smartest People In The Room and who make claim to favour Women’s Rights, tolerance of every moral preference and unconditional “Gay Rights” have joined at the hip with an ideology that considers women as property, is the most intolerant ideology on the planet and that advocates death by stoning of homosexuals.

One may reasonably ask if the Liberal Regressive Controlling Class has any compassion for Muslims whatsoever, why would not Liberal Regressives join in an all out effort to free Muslims from the vicious and depraved ideology that holds them in slavery? The simple answer can be found above in the line that Muslims are forbidden from making friends with “People Of The Book” (Christians). The hatred of Christians and of a strict moral code is the primary passion of Liberal Regressives. In Islam, the Liberal Regressives have found an ally and they will march with Islam in lock step until the last church is burned to ashes, Christians are no more and Jesus The Christ is removed from memory.

As the Liberal Regressives make claim; “In a Democracy good is a conversation, not a unilateral decision!” and the Controlling Class fully intends to guide the conversation.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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