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Tandra Page 1535, Reconstruction Failure

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

“We could forgive the Yankees for the Mister Lincoln’s War, but we can never forgive them Reconstruction!”

I can’t count the number of times I heard my grandmother say that.

Grandma was not even born when the South was under military occupation, but she heard the tales of the terror and abuse from her parents. Reconstruction was said to be about rebuilding the South after “Honest” Abe Lincoln’s Army had laid the land waste. That is not precisely true. Reconstruction was factually about the fundamental transformation of the Southern Lands from free and sovereign states into a conquered satrapy of the Beltway Overlords.

The Yankees continue to make the claim that Lincoln’s War was justified by “Honest” Abe’s unconditional love of the African and that he wept buckets each night over their terrible plight. The problem with the picture of “Honest” Abe’s great love of Africans is his campaign to round them all up and to ship them back to Africa. But Africans were smarter than “Honest” Abe believed. Africans had no wish to return to Africa where they had been slaves of the Muslims. Africans were in America and here they were determined to stay. Africans said to “Honest” Abe, “No thanks, Mister President. Keep your passenger tickets. We know which side of our bread the butter is on!”

But truth has no place at the table when self serving propaganda is the objective. Rather than admit “Honest” Abe Lincoln’s War was a grab for power, the regime insisted it was all about “freeing the slaves”. The facts are that slaves had nothing to do with the objectives of “Honest” Abe’s War. Africans were only a means to an end, a tool for “Honest” Abe to use in his grab for power.

The Republicans also had visions of reconstructing the South into a satrapy where puppet Africans held political office under control of Yankee Carpetbaggers. The Republicans planned to loot the South while using Africans as their front men. Again, Africans failed to cooperate. Eventually the Republicans began to see the South had no plans to submit willingly to tyranny and, on orders from President William Henry Harrison, occupation troops were withdrawn from the South. It should be remembered that not all the Caesars were Nero or Caligula and not all Republicans are cut from the same fabric as “Honest” Abe Lincoln.

But the withdrawal of Yankee troops from the South did not end this regime’s desire to bring the South to heel. The campaign continues apace while the South remains stubbornly defiant. The Controlling Class has made advances to promote their agenda across the South, but there remains a core of Southerners who hold firmly to our values.

Now has risen Judge Roy Moore of Alabama to challenge this corrupt regime and the Beltway is in a panic. The Controlling Class has used every tactic available to destroy Judge Moore and the campaign has largely failed. The Controlling Class has used illegal means to drive Judge Moore from office, but Judge Moore has resurfaced. The Controlling Class supported Judge Moore’s political opponent with thirty million dollars and the people of Alabama preferred Judge Moore over the Controlling Class Puppet. The Controlling Class attempted to destroy Judge Moore’s character with false allegations and that too appears to have failed.

As I type this: Judge Moore is up in the polls, President Donald J. Trump has endorsed Judge Moore and the Controlling Class have tossed in the towel saying it is up to the people of Alabama to choose their Senator.

The final poll, the only one that actually counts, is next Tuesday when the People of Alabama go to vote. Indications are that the good people of Alabama continue to remain un-reconstructed and true to their values.

We shall know for certain if that is so one week from today.

“Rule by the unaccountable is tyranny!”


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