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Tandra Page 1544, Here Come De Judge!

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The notorious FISA memo has been out for several days and the response has been predictable. Americans are making claim the memo provides hard evidence, the “Smoking Gun” if you will, that the Deep State is engaged in a campaign to reverse the 2016 election and fundamentally transform this nation into Venezuela. Liberal Regressives make claim, on the other hand, that the memo is no big deal. It’s a dud. The memo is nothing more than a testament to standard operational procedure for the Political Left. It’s what they do. Everyone knows their agenda and so the memo is nothing to get all excited about.

From a certain perspective, both sides are correct. The memo is indeed the “Smoking Gun” while, at the same time, it reveals nothing particularly new. Every American understands that the Deep State is all about a grab for power and, of consequence, it reveals no new information. The memo only confirms the tawdry details of the Liberal Regressive agenda to fundamentally transform our Constitutional Republic into a Third World Marxist State. There are no true shocking revelations here.

One part of the memo pretty much destroys the contention of some apologists that the judge who issued the ruling that allowed the subversives to target private citizens and gather secret information that could be used against them in a legal witch hunt was hoodwinked by unscrupulous lawyers. (I realize I repeat myself. “Unscrupulous” is pretty much the dictionary definition of “lawyer.) The memo blows that argument out of the water. The judge of question was not a handy and available useful idiot. He was absolutely complicit in the scheme.

What do you call a law student that graduates from the university at the top of his class? You call him senior member of a prestigious law firm.

What do you call a law student that graduates from the university in the middle of his class? You call him junior member of a prestigious law firm.

What do you call a law student that graduates from the university at the bottom of his class? You call him “Your Honour”.

Aside from disclosures of the FISA memo, had the tame judge used to issue the authorization for sneak surveillance of American Citizens not been totally complicit in the plot, evidence come to light over the past several months would have had the judge calling members of the legal team who requested from him authorization for illegal surveillance back into his court and demanding them to show cause why he should not slap them with a charge of perjury and submitting false evidence. No such demand from this rogue judge has been issued.

And it gets better. I hear from the news this morning that we now know the identity of this rogue judge complicit in the Deep State’s attempted coup. This rogue judge is no longer an anonymous bureaucrat hiding in the shadows.

This could get interesting.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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