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Tandra Page 1544, Computer Stock Market

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I had to laugh this week.

Mister Johnson stopped by to suggest I should flip on my radio and listen to his Stock Market Guru. I think I have mentioned before that Mister Johnson does not do the Stock Market and has no interest in the Stock Market. He listens to his Market Guru because he finds this guy’s observations on the state of the economy to be the most insightful of anyone Mister Johnson has heard. But that his observations on the economy are right on is no reason for Mister Johnson to even give consideration to his Market Guru’s recommendations for gambling with his money in the Stock Market.

Mister Johnson’s Market Guru is a qualified market economist. He never grows tired of reminding his radio audience that he has a history of “managing billions and billions of dollars” of other people’s money. One of the facets of his resume the Market Guru never gets around to mentioning is the reasons behind abandoning a lucrative position of “managing billions and billions of dollars” to take up position as a radio talk show host. Mebbe the “other people” of whose money the Market Guru was managing became disenchanted with the Market Guru’s managing. Perchance he managed “billions and billions of dollars” of other people’s money into thousands and thousands of dollars. Such things do happen, though I have no evidence it did happen with Mister Johnson’s Stock Market Guru. On the other hand, something did inspire this Market Guru to change career direction and go into giving questionable advise as regards gambling with the Stock Market. The radio stations that air the Market Guru routinely, and without fail, air a disclaimer with each show that the given station takes no responsibility for the advice given on the show by the Market Guru. While the listeners have not much way of rating the advice of Mister Johnson’s Stock Market Guru, the broadcasters of his show know enough of the Market Guru’s track record to disassociate themselves totally from his financial advice.

But that is setting up history and the reason Mister Johnson suggested I take a listen to his Market Guru’s show has not much to do with this man’s history and everything to do with the Stock Market’s spectacular up and down swings early in the week. As I suspect most everyone has heard, the Stock Market took a drop of several thousand points this week and then came up several hundred points, then dropped again and then came back up, and this has been the pattern for most of the week. In consequence, Mister Johnson’s Stock Market Guru was in total panic. He was insisting to his listeners that the Stock Market crash was not the End Of The World! “Don’t panic!” cried the Market Guru is a panic drenched voice. “Pay no attention to the Stock Market Numbers,” screamed the Market Guru, quoting President Herbert Hoover in 1929, “The basic fundamentals of the economy are strong!”

Then, so the Market Guru made claim, the wild swings in the market were orchestrated by computer program. In simple words, the Stock Market is no longer run by human activity. The Stock Market is now managed by computers!

And Stock Market Gurus are advising Americans to invest their money in a market managed by rogue computer programs?

Give me a break! It is to laugh, but a good laugh is not worth enough to invest your money in a rigged financial market.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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