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Tandra Page 1544, Self Hate

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Nancy Pelosi was in the news again recently for making a speech that ran on even longer than those for which Cuban Crime Boss Fidel Castro was justifiably famous. Unlike in the case of Fidel, those in the room with Nancy were not taken away and shot for taking a snooze while Nancy flapped her lips. Of consequence, a number of those sharing the same space with Nancy took advantage and snoozed off. Some of them were caught on camera and Nancy’s critics are having a grand old time making fun and yucking it up at Nancy’s expense.

The thrust of Nancy’s rant was her insistence for unlimited admission into this country of foreign peoples already pre-disposed to vote Democrat. I suppose it is expected that Nancy would push for immigrants, both legal and otherwise, who would support her desire to fundamentally transform this nation into a Third World Communist Banana Republic Hell-hole. The problem appears to be that Nancy took eight plus hours to say what anyone with a partially functioning brain could have expressed eloquently within less than fifteen minutes.

But, beyond Nancy’s demands for unlimited and unrestricted cross border immigration, was her in your face hatred for her own people. If it is anything for which Liberal Regressives are justly famous, aside from their unquenchable lust for absolute power, is their all pervasive self-hatred. Liberal Regressives hold as their badge of honour that they hold themselves in contempt. They don’t much like themselves and they wish they could be anyone else that who they are. Part of this phobia is their fluid sexual identity campaign. Liberal Regressives hope that, if they might become a different sex, a different person than who they are, they might come to like their new selves better than the persons they were previously. It’s all about pretending to be someone different from the loathsome persons that they previously were. The problem with doing play-pretend to be a different person than the person they were previously is the old admonition concerning the persons attempting to escape from themselves. So it goes, no matter to where you happen to go, there you are. You can’t fundamentally transform yourself into someone else by dressing up in different frocks of by having your body cut up and re-arranged by some quack with a knife. The only possible way to come to like yourself is to get your mind right. External surroundings or surgical mutilations don’t do the trick.

But Nancy has not figured out the basic essentials for coming to terms with yourself. Nancy told a fanciful tale of a grandson who was at a party with someone who looked different from himself. Nancy’s grandson looked with envy at the other kid and wished out loud that he could look like the other kid rather than looking like himself. This is basic self-hatred and Nancy should be ashamed of herself for encouraging her grandson in his delusions. No matter his physical appearance, Nancy’s grandson is still gonna be the same person he is.

No matter to where you run, there you are. No matter how you re-arrange your physical appearance or your surroundings, you remain who you are.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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