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Tandra Page 1545, February 11, 2018

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This commentary is titled; CONCERNING INSANITY

“There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters” -Daniel Webster

Liberal Regressives insist that President Donald J. Trump is insane.

Whether they actually believe their claim or if judging the President to be mentally unstable is merely a strategy for advancing their agenda of fundamentally transforming this nation into a Third World Banana Republic under absolute arbitrary and capricious rule of the “Smartest People In The Room” is a matter of some conjecture. Liberal Regressives have never been the sort to let real world facts stand in the way of their wishes and desires.

What is absolute and inarguable fact is that Liberal Regressives are obsessed with the lust for power, with the lust to rule over men, absolutely and without restraint. Unlike the classic admonition from Daniel Webster above, today’s Liberal Regressives make no pretense of any desire to govern well. They simply mean to govern and without any limitations on their power. Today’s Liberal Regressives make no promises to be good masters. They simply mean to be masters and to rule as gods over men. There is no restraint to their lust for power and no limitations to the obscenities in which they wish to engage once the reins of power are firmly in their grasp.

Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was their champion, their front man, their enabler. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was their empty suit onto which they could project any image that pleased them. Like unto all Liberal Regressives, Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama hated America and American Values, but he was able to put a Happy Face on his hatred and so pacify many Americans so that the Liberal Regressive Agenda to fundamentally transform this nation into Venezuela or Cuba could proceed apace with very little opposition. Because of his skin colour, Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was able to maintain that any opposition to his campaign to fundamentally transform America into a Third World Banana Republic was “racist” at root. To avoid the “racist” label, Americans must be all in with the Liberal Regressive Agenda.

Hillary (The Wicked Witch Of The Left) Clinton was designated to follow the Beltway Messiah into the Oval Office and to continue the Liberal Regressive Fundamental Transformation. The Clinton Crime Family has no ideological agenda. The Clintons are simply amoral thugs consumed with a lust for wealth and personal power. The Clintons are at base “White Trash” who will hop aboard any ideological train that promises to transport them to the money and power for which they have an unquenchable thirst.

This thirst for power appears quite rational to the Liberal Regressives of both political persuasion. They have no loyalty to Party, nor do they have allegiance to any nation. They are Globalists. Their only allegiance is to the lust for absolute power, power that is capricious and arbitrary. They would be gods on Earth!

The United Nations is the ideological vehicle Liberal Regressives believe will serve their purpose of uniting the whole of Earth under their absolute rule. President George H. W. Bush famously proclaimed that the United Nations was destined to unite the world under one ruling body and that the Beltway Elite were best qualified to rule the United Nations under the New World Order. I made comment at the time that President Bush had a vision of a New World in which he and his cronies gave the orders.

A united world under one government and ruled by the Smartest People In The Room is the ultimate Wet Dream of the Liberal Regressives and the George H. W. Bushes of this world have a glorified vision of themselves as the best qualified to sit on the throne. Any deviation from that ultimate ideal of society is beyond heresy. Any such deviation is totally insanity!

Enter; President Donald J. Trump with his agenda to “Make America Great Again!”

To the Liberal Regressive mind, any person in public life, any bureaucrat or politician who is not obsessed with the lust for absolute power, the lust for total and unlimited control over men is a person beyond understanding. The lust to rule has been the obsession of the Liberal Regressive for so long, is so much a part of who they are that they are fundamentally unable to conceive of any other world view. From the perspective of the Liberal Regressive, the absence of a lust for absolute power over all mankind is beyond their limited comprehension. The rejection of absolute and unrestricted power is, to the Liberal Regressive mind, the mark of insanity.

Thus, because President Donald J. Trump does not subscribe to the New World Order Agenda and shows every sign of lifting America once more into a great nation that has no interest in being part of the New World Order of the Liberal Regressives, President Donald J. Trump must, of consequence, as night follows day, be insane.

Even of more concern for the Liberal Regressives, Donald J. Trump was elected to office by the irredeemable deplorables in fly-over country, those unenlightened backwoods types who themselves have no interest in being fundamentally transformed into rightless subjects of the new Controlling Class. Before Donald J. Trump, these deplorables in fly-over country had no one to speak for them. They had no voice in the halls of power and could be safely ignored. But Donald J. Trump heard their voice and he rose to stand for them, to be their advocate.

If the deplorables are to be returned to the shadows, if they are to be again exiled to obscurity where they can be safely ignored by the Smartest People In The Room, by the Controlling Class, then President Donald J. Trump must be destroyed and removed from the Oval Office.

Because, as every Liberal Regressive understands, anyone who does not subscribe to the Liberal Regressive Agenda is not only a “racist”, he is also, of necessity, insane!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

Next Week; When Lord Kilthane made decision to call in a mercenary for the task of ridding himself of an irritation that threatened his agenda, he had no idea the identity of the man with whom he had contracted. But this hired gun is not the Dragonrok of Lord Kilthane’s acquaintance. This man has undergone a fundamental transformation and will now accept any assignment if the payment meets his demands! Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1546. Check in beginning Monday, February 12, 2018. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

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