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Tandra Page 1545, Drunken Sailors

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson came by to visit for a spell.

He has been listening to the news and has decided that was a mistake. He is thinking of tossing out his radio and terminating his newspaper subscription. Mister Johnson gave away his television years ago because it brought him nothing but grief. He says he has issues enough in his life without hosting electronic machines that are for the sole purpose of ruining his day with news of stupid people doing irrational things. Mister Johnson figures he is just as well off if he does not know the world is going to hell in a hand basket. If he knows what is going on in world capitols, there is very little he can do about it. All that is left to him is to lie awake nights and worry over something of which he has no control.

Case in point; the Beltway Crowd continues to spend Monopoly Money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Republicans made claim they would get spending under control if they were given command of the Senate, the House and the Oval Office. They lied! No surprise here. We all know politicians lie even when the truth would serve them better. Lying is in a politician’s DNA. It’s what they do.

Of course, the Beltway Swamp has been spending money they do not have and enjoy no prospects of ever having and at an ever accelerating speed for years. If you send a politician to the Swamp, you know he is going to spend like the proverbial sailor noted above. Local politicians spend with abandon, too, but local politicians normally have the restrictions on them that there must be enough money in the local treasury to pay the bills. Thus local politicians are obsessed with ways and schemes to raise local taxes to pay for their graft and corruption.

Beltway politicians have no such restraint on their spending. Beltway politicians can, and do, manufacture funny money out of thin air. Time was the Federals were required to actually run the presses and print off fiat currency if they wished to spend beyond the nation’s means. Printing presses running at maximum speed have a practical limitation to the amount of paper to which they can apply ink. Today the physical presses are no longer a limitation on the Beltway Crowd. Today the Swamp creates fiat currency electronically by punching a computer keyboard with a number and then adding zeroes until the fingers wear out.

Traditionally, Beltway Politicians had a public relations restraint upon their spending in the form of a national budget. Americans could read the budget and see what the Swamp was spending in Funny Money. The Budget Process was suspended a few years back to be replaced with continuing spending resolutions, wherein the whole of spending is lumped together into an anonymous total so that no politician can be held to account for waste and corruption. Congress permitted itself spending caps to make false claim their waste was limited, but those so-called “caps” were routinely raised on a regular basis.

Now, with the most recent show of Kabuki Theatre, Congress has passed a formula budget that would put far to shame that drunken sailor mentioned above and has removed any suggestion of spending caps. The Lords of the Swamp can now spend without restraint and without limit.

The Smartest People In The Room have convinced themselves there is no force that can bring them under financial control, but Congress is in error. The law of conservation of matter and energy remains in effect. No one, not even the Smartest People Ever can create something out of nothing. Eventually the bill comes due and the price must be paid. The note is returned from the Federal Bank “account overdrawn”, and there is nothing remaining to prop up the false house of cards that is this fiat economy.

The time will have come to pay the piper and not all the king’s horses nor all the king’s men will be able to restore this shattered economy!

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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