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Tandra Page 1545, Romper Room

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Mister Johnson passed some time the other day helping out a friend at her Day Care Center. It seems her business partner had come down with the Flu and her regular substitute was also feeling poorly so she asked Mister Johnson to fill in the gap.

Mister Johnson has not had much one-on-one experience with the Romper Room Set since his grandson, Taterbug, was in diapers, but he was willing to pitch in for a friend. After a long day with the Rug Rats, Mister Johnson stopped by my place on his way home for a cup of hot tea. I asked how it was out in the “war zone”, and Mister Johnson allowed as to how the day went pretty well. The little “knee nibblers” were, for the most part, well behaved and considerate of their fellow inmates. All in all, Mister Johnson allowed he had a pretty decent time at his day of herding little kids. For the most part, the pre-school children acted more “adult” than the spoiled brats in Congress, if the reports on CNN are to be believed. Mister Johnson is of the opinion he would gladly trade any irrational bureaucrat or politician in the Beltway Swamp for one of the Rug Rats that was in his care for the whole of the day. Any one of them is more rational and mature than is your average garden variety member of Congress.

On the other hand, Mister Johnson opined, you can’t place all the blame for the train wreck that is the Beltway Swamp on the inmates that reside therein. You gotta remember that the brain dead retards that prance constantly before the cameras and who love nothing more than the sound of their own voices are installed into the government by voters back home. It seems beyond comprehension that American Voters are so stupid as to keep returning these jerks to office. Mister Johnson has never met personally any American who will admit to having cast his vote for the Congressman who makes claim to represent him in the Beltway Swamp. Perchance it is only buyer’s remorse that inspires Americans to recoil from admitting they actually cast a ballot for the charlatan in Congress who makes claim to represent the folks back home. Mister Johnson is no advocate for voter fraud, but blaming the rats in Congress for utilizing voter fraud as their path to the positions of power they hold appears the lesser evil than blaming Americans for placing them there by deliberate choice.

One possibility occurs to Mister Johnson as was portrayed in a popular newspaper comic strip from years past. In the strip, Senator Bedfellow came back home to campaign for re-election. His campaign slogan went that, should the home folks fail to send him back to Congress he would have no choice other than to move back home and live among the locals. Having Senator Bedfellow as a continuing neighbour and being forced to endure his presence on a daily basis appeared a fate too terrible to contemplate and the home folks sent Bedfellow back to Congress in a landslide. Better Senator Bedfellow in far off Congress than living next door.

Mister Johnson suspects any number of Congresspersons are able to remain in Congress for precisely the same reason. Rational Americans don’t wish to have them around locally getting under foot. Better they should be far away in the Beltway Swamp where they are right at home among their own kind.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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