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Tandra Page 1548, Looking Back

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Thirty-eight years have gone by since I wrote the Tandra Graphic Album titled “The Alpha Men”. As a point of interest it might be noted that I had, at that time, never heard of a so-called “Alpha Male”. My inspiration for the title was a Charlton Heston movie titled “The Omega Man” or, as the translation goes; “The Last Man”. Using the movie title as a jumping off point, I decided to title my story “The Alpha Men”, or “The First Men” as explained on Tandra Page 414 where Clayton makes the case that Michael Steele is one of a new breed of men, the first true men who make their own way and forges their own path without consideration of the opinions of society at large.

Today, knowing what I have learned over the years, I would not likely use that title again, not because my world view has evolved but simply for the reason of avoiding confusion over my meaning and intention for the title. But the past is past and cannot be revised, so the title of this Tandra Graphic Album remains as I originally designed it.

Which brings up another point and the actual reason behind this observation. I am beginning work to add colour to Tandra Page 433, the next page to be adapted for Internet presentation and this particular page is the page where one Michael Steele makes the case for his distrust of government and for explaining the reason he refused to turn over his nul-gravity invention to government authorities. Steele makes the case he believes oversight for the purposes to which his device might be used is his responsibility alone and should not be surrendered to irresponsible self-serving Beltway Bureaucrats.

I was in full agreement with Michael Steele’s position in 1980 and my opinion has not evolved some thirty-eight years after first publication.

Which is, I suppose, reason for some speculation as to my change of perspective over the years, or lack of same as the case may be. The fact is I have held my primary positions as regards government and corruption for so long as I can remember, nor have I altered my prejudices to any meaningful degree. I have added to my knowledge of the manner in which government and in which politicians operate, but I have never had reason to modify my basic distrust of the Beltway Cesspool, nor actually of the politicians and bureaucrats down the food chain all the way to the local level. I have never, in all my life, seen reason to not distrust government at all levels.

I might come to believe such distrust is a shortcoming on my part except the fundamental distrust of government was common among the Founding Fathers. That is the reason the United States Constitution is, at core, a defense against government and a limitation of the powers of government.

Of consequence, I do not feel bad about my life long distrust of Government. I am included with excellent company!

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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