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Tandra Page 1548, Forever Angry

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I’ve not bought a comic book for ages. Actually I should confess that I have not bought an American produced comics pamphlet in forever. I have indeed bought European produced comics, but comic books are labeled as “graphic albums” in Europe and are so far removed from the American product that there is no comparison. In consequence I do not think of the European comics I purchase as “comic books”.

Years ago I stopped buying American comic books when I realized the sole remaining title I was purchasing was a title I had not read in over two years. I would purchase the thing and sit it aside intending to read it later. “Later” never came. With some twenty-five issues awaiting my eventual attention and no inclination to open the things and read what was inside, I ceased to waste money on something I was never going to look at.

Yes, I understand I am putting down comics while I am in the business of creating a product many persons refer to as “comics”, but I think of Tandra as a Graphic Album series in the mold of the European publications. European Graphic Albums are my competition and not the American variety. This might appear at first blush a non-patriotic attitude, But neither Marvel nor DC is in the business of creating a product of which I have much interest. Apparently I am in the majority as American comics sales have been on the decline for a generation.

Actually, rather than consider my taste for comics of European origin as non-patriotic, I consider my preference for the European format as an attempt to show American publishers the way toward re-acquiring market share. European Graphic Albums display engaging stories and interesting characters while American publishers insist upon turning out product exclusively spotlighting characters wearing long johns and with scowls on their faces. It is obvious that American comics characters are not much pleased with their position in the universe.

European comics characters can, on occasion, be seen laughing and otherwise enjoying themselves. Europeans also produce more engaging and fascinating tales with plots to grab reader attention while American publishers are in a rut of publishing tales of endless and pointless fight scenarios between their characters.

Who wishes to read tales centered upon perpetually angry characters who are always fighting? Apparently not much of anyone, as American comics sales give evidence.

Hey American publishers, get a clue and adopt an editorial policy of creating interesting tales with engaging characters. I would dearly love to have a reason to go out and purchase American comic books once again.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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