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Tandra Page 1548, Paradise Lost

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Everyone wishes to change America. So-called Political Conservatives and Liberal Regressives and Middle-of-the-Roaders and those of no particular passion, all have a burning desire to return to the “Good Ole Days” when everything was wonderful and peace was the order of the day. Political Conservatives have a yearning for the Andy Hardy Era. For the younger, those who have no idea who was Andy Hardy, it’s a longing to return to “Leave It To Beaver”. “Leave It To Beaver” was, for all practical purposes Andy Hardy updated from the Thirties to the Fifties.

Liberal Regressives wish to go back to the Socialist Days of the Roosevelt Administration while those with shorter memories long for the Camelot Era of John F. Kennedy.

Everyone wishes to go back to a time when life was simple and all problems had easy solutions. In actual fact, everyone wishes to go back to their forever lost childhood of which Mommy could kiss the hurt of a scraped knee and make the pain go away. Political Conservatives make claim that Big Business released from the rules and restrictions imposed by an ever more intrusive government has the potential to replace Mommy and to create the perfect Earthly Paradise where there is no pain and Liberal Regressives insist an omnipotent Government, arbitrary and capricious, is the perfect choice to replace Mommy and create Paradise on Earth.

Men of all persuasions suffer selective memory loss. Andy Hardy and the Roosevelt Era appear the art of perfection in hindsight because we insist upon looking at the past through rose tinted glasses. We remember what we wish to remember and refuse to take account of the negatives. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ruled over an era of economic depression and his policies were designed to take advantage of economic crisis to advance a Beltway Power Grab. Andy Hardy lived in a small town in an era when Adolf Hitler was rising in power and another World War was on the horizon. This was not the age of Paradise On Earth. Terror and disaster lurked just around the corner and were a constant threat.

All of human history has been of similar nature. There was never a time when the threat of dire peril was just over the horizon or advancing across the front yard. There was never a time in human history when Mommy could kiss all the scrapes and make the hurt go away.

The single advantage the perilous past has over the uncertain future is that we now know how the past turned out. We know Adolf Hitler was defeated after much fire and blood; we know the Great Depression was eventually ended. What we do not know for certain is that the terrorist threat of Islam will be pushed back. We do not know that we will survive the most recent Flu Epidemic. We do not know for certain that the boss will not hand us a pink slip as business falls off. There are a gazillion things we do not know about the present while we know everything we need to know about the past and are able to sleep in contentment without worrying about past uncertainties.

That is the reason the past looks always to be Paradise on Earth while the present appears to be disaster on the front door stoop. In the future all of our present impending crisis will have come to an end and we shall then have a new set of uncertain worries to plague us. It is then this time which is now so endangered by impending calamity will appear, as we look back, to have been Paradise on Earth while the new present will have the features of a Hotel Of Horrors.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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