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Tandra Page 1549, March 11, 2018

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This commentary is titled; SELF HATE

An American State Department Official from the Trump Administration was recently in Brussels to speak concerning the cultural and economic crisis in Europe. Afterward, a member of the Italian Parliament pulled the American Official aside and made comment; “We know Europe is finished. We are simply trying to arrange things so we shall be able to die comfortably in our beds.”

It was not so long ago that a Brit ran for the office of Prime Minister on the platform of “managing Britain’s decline”. Clearly this man who was asking the British People to elect him to office was convinced Britain’s best days, Britain’s Days Of Glory, were long since past.

Europe, as I type this, is a vast grave yard. Huge and elaborate monuments, displaying prominent evidence of deterioration and decay, are on view across the land as the quality of life of the average European Citizen holds no promise for the future. Europe is like to remind one of Antony and Cleopatra in Alexandria, Egypt, engaged in a continuous orgy of drunken debauchery as they awaited their inevitable doom approaching in the form of Octavian and the Roman Legions.

Europe remains a vast graveyard sprinkled with decaying monuments that stand in memory to past glories and achievements. But there is no more glory and no more achievement and hope left Europe long ago. Europe has contributed nothing to history and culture since Beethoven and Rubens. Europe is a continent of gravestones and tombs and the vultures are flocking in to strip the land of the corroded treasures that remain and to make slaves of the impotent and shrinking populace. Europe is a continent without future and without promise, with a people who abandoned their culture and their moral code long ago. Europeans decided to embrace the Multi-cultural ideology with the consequence that Europeans came to believe every culture was of value and worth embracing, except for their own. When you abandon your own culture, the belief system that gave a people their character and defined who they were withers on the vine and is replaced with the savage and primitive culture of every sub-human invader that comes across the border demanding a free handout and native European women to warm his bed. And a culture that has abandoned its own values has no grounds upon which to stand and to defend its own people from the demands of savage invaders who demand loot and plunder and female sex slaves.

Europe is long controlled by Liberal Regressives who are consumed with a justified hatred of themselves and of their own standards. Liberal Regressives hate themselves because they have long ago abandoned any true claim to the qualities that defined them as men. Liberal Regressives long ago decided that humans life is cheap and of no objective value, that human beings are no more than a clump of cells of no particular importance. As such, why protect life? After all, bacteria has no moral code and cares not, objectively, if it lives or dies. Liberal Regressives slaughter their own kind with total abandon and make claim that slaughter upon demand is a matter of personal choice.

But, while one may make claim to justify evil, one cannot avoid in the core of one’s being that to advocate evil is to embrace evil and to embrace evil qualifies one as truly evil himself. No matter the high sounding platitudes and the University Professor justification for evil, one cannot come to realize that he is himself truly evil, that he is a tool of evil, and continue to wish to live. A man who is faced with the evidence that he embraces evil comes, of consequence, to hate himself and to believe he is not worthy of life. Such a man wishes for the termination of his hatred of self and the welcome oblivion of the grave.

But Liberal Regressives, while they enthusiastically condemn others to the grave by the millions, fear death for themselves with a terror beyond measure. However, the fear of death is in no wise the love of life. A man who loves life, loves the life of all men and is not willing to see anyone perish. The man who only fears death for himself has no love for his fellow man and will wade rivers of blood and pile up mountains of corpses in the vain hope such wanton slaughter will numb his own terror of dying.

Europe is committing suicide because Liberal Regressives attempt to believe that if Judeo-Christian Morality can be erased, they will no longer be haunted by the self hatred that comes with blood on the hands from slaughter of un-numbered innocents. The Liberal Regressive strategy of removing their accusers is doomed to failure. The Liberal Regressive hatred of self springs not from an outside source. It comes from a basic core realization deep inside that the Liberal Regressive Ideology is truly and unalterably evil and that core conviction can never be escaped.

No matter where you run, there you are!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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