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Tandra Page 1549, Missionary

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

The local church of which I am a member is sponsoring a missionary to the county.

When we think of sending missionaries out to preach the Word of God, we generally think of Servants of Christ going to far off nations of which we have never heard that have names we cannot properly pronounce. But times, they have changed. It is reported that there are some thirty-six thousand persons in this county and that most of them know next to nothing about The Christ. The information that most of them do possess about Christians and the Church is Fake News promoted by a culture that insists there is no God and that they hate Him.

It was not always thus.

Not so long ago, children who had no connection to God in their family life were exposed to the Judeo-Christian moral standards in public schools. Everyone in this country recognized the good over evil. Even the most depraved understood the moral code under which this nation was founded.

But Liberal Regressives have been, for over a generation, committed to driving God from American Culture and, with the aid of debauched secular judges and atheist activists, have largely succeeded. Of sorry consequence, a child can be born today, if he is lucky enough to escape the abortion industry butchers, and grow to full adulthood without ever hearing the truth about God. The result is that a majority of Americans in this nation have no clear picture of what Christianity is all about. The God-haters have indoctrinated Americans that Christianity is some antiquated superstition totally unsuited to our modern technological age.

The result is that America has become the target rich mission fields that foreign lands once were only a short time past when the Reverend Billy Graham made his World Wide Crusade appearances and preached the Gospel to hundreds of thousands.

As such, it is only proper that a missionary is going out from my church to preach the Gospel to the Lost in our own county.

May God bless and keep him!

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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