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Tandra Page 1553, Notes Of Comment

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Every Sunday I send out the “What’s New” Observation (titled “Tandra Notes”) to each member in a long list of Subscribing Customers. This is precisely, word for word, the same Observation as the one archived for Sunday on this site. The difference is that Subscribers get the Sunday Observation in their E-mail Box. It’s a convenience we provide for free. Thank you for signing up.

Not everyone on the Tandra Mailing List agrees with every word in the “Tandra Notes” Observations Mailings. As a matter of fact, I do not always agree with everything I write and send out. But, in a conversation, if all parties totally agree with each other, that conversation is a waste of time. The purpose of conversation is the exchange of ideas and of points of view. It’s worthwhile to understand from where the other guy is coming.

There are times when I get a return E-mail from my subscribers praising a particular “Tandra Notes” E-mail. These are always nice. It is pleasant to have your readers give you a thumbs up. For the most part, however, Subscribers who like a particular “Tandra Notes” Installment do not write to call me “blessed”. They simply smile at my comments and then proceed with their normal routines of life. And this is cool. I do not need constant words of encouragement from my readers.

But mostly, when subscribers send me an E-mail in response to a “Tandra Notes” mailing, it is because they are irritated, upset or annoyed by something I wrote in the “Tandra Notes”. They feel their World View has been attacked or that I have skewered one of their Sacred Cows. Mostly these E-mail comments are mildly negative along the lines of “I don’t agree with you.” but can extend to long rants explaining why I am wrong and while all of world history and all of the Smartest People In The Room come down on the side of their particular prejudice.

I never fail to read these comments from irate readers. On occasion I shake my head in wonder at the mental disconnect displayed and, at other times I laugh out loud at the given argument. I also make certain I reply with a short comment thanking the subscriber for reading “Tandra Notes” and wishing him well. I never respond to a critical E-mail with a detailed response to the enclosed criticism. Life is too short and I have other things to do.

But such E-mail replies to my Observations illustrate a central support of my World View. Unlike some persons of every political or religious persuasion, I would never wish to silence the opposition. I encourage opposition. I even pay persons with persuasions contrary to my own to post their Observations on this site. There are two reasons for this. As noted above; I enjoy notes from those who agree with my “Tandra Notes” (Thank you!), but I learn from them nothing new. On the other hand, I get a different perspective from the opposition and, on occasion, I learn something of value from their critical notes. I am happy to have opinions of the opposition, even when it challenges my own.

Also, I am happy to have the opposition run on at length. Liberal Regressives have the amazing ability, when left to their own devices, of making utter fools of themselves with the very words that fall from their own lips. As a wise man once said, “When your opponent is making a complete ass of himself, stand aside and let him speak uninterrupted.”

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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