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Tandra Page 1553, Shut Up!

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Have you ever noticed how it is so-called “political conservatives” are all up in arms whenever the opposition makes attempt to shut down a mouth on their own side? I kind of like Rush Limbaugh, sort of. I do not pay to him a lot of attention but I see puff pieces on news sites I frequent making comment on something Rush has said and I, more often than not, agree with where Rush is coming from. Now were I to listen to his radio show every day, I might find more of his assertions with which to disagree. More likely I would simply get bored with listening to Rush and switch to a Classic Rock station. But Rush Limbaugh, in small and selected doses, I can appreciate.

All that to remark that a few years back Rush made comments that irritated the fragile sensibilities of the Liberal Regressive Clique. Liberals retaliated by going after Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors and convincing some of them to leave off sponsoring the Rush Limbaugh Show. Some advertisers apparently bowed to pressure and did cease sponsoring the show. I became aware this was going on when “political conservatives” began to scream “foul!” and to make claim Rush Limbaugh’s First Amendment Rights were being violated. Actually, not necessarily so. A company has every right to spend advertising funds however that company so pleases and to with hold funds if the advertising department so decides. The First Amendment does not require any company to support with their advertising dollars any radio program they do not wish to.

In any case, last time I checked, Rush Limbaugh was still on radio, so I am inclined to believe the campaign to take out Rush by convincing his advertisers to abandon him was less than successful.

But this was neither the first time, nor the last, Liberal Regressives made attempt to shut down a “political conservative” by convincing his sponsors to abandon him or by shouting down a “political conservative” at a public speaking engagement. Mostly shutting down public events happens at college campuses where “tolerant of diverse opinion” Liberal Regressive student groups are not willing to have anyone who fails to agree with them speak. And, in all cases, “political conservatives” are scandalized that a gag is placed upon proponents of their own particular “conservative” political or religious views.

A recent example of same is one Laura Ingraham, of whom I am not much acquainted, who earned the wrath of an anti-gun darling of the Liberal Regressives, whereupon the Regressives ran a campaign to have Laura Ingraham’s sponsors bail on her. “Political conservatives” were predictably scandalized. Last I heard, Laura Ingraham still was on the air.

On the other hand, there is a cable show on the air that concerns suicide. Some kid is reported to have sat down and watched the whole first season, opening show to final, and then committed suicide. I suggest this was a bad idea from the start. I can see that anyone who watches the complete season of any television show at one setting, even if that show is “Leave It To Beaver”, is placing their life at risk or, at the very least, their sanity.

This is not the first time television has been blamed for bad or tragic behavior by children. Way back in the day, when the first “Superman” television series was on the air, some kid was reported to have tied a towel around his neck and, inspired by “Superman”, jumped off a building to his death thinking he might fly. Television has been taking a hit for children’s bad behavior since. Before television, comic books were the cause of all the evil in the world, and before that the Pulps were the cause, and before that Penny Dreadfuls and Shakespeare and The Iliad, and so it has always been.

Today Television and movies and video games are inspiration for all the world’s woes. In fact, everything imaginable is inspiration for the dumb and tragic things kids do...everything with the exception of irresponsible parents. Make no mistake. It is indeed tragic when a kid watches television or a movie or plays a video game, then does something bad or stupid, but a kid doing something bad generally does so because of problems that exist within that kid’s life already. Mentally healthy kids do not watch a “Superman” television episode and then jump off a building in the belief they can fly.

But “political conservatives”, who are scandalized that Liberal Regressives would dare shut down spokespersons for the “conservative” side are all in favour of shutting down television shows with which “conservatives” do not agree. “Political conservatives” regularly mount campaigns to remove shows and speakers with which “conservatives” find objection.

It would appear, insofar as “political conservatives” are concerned, Second Amendment protections are reserved only for those who march lock step with the “political conservative” agenda.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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