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Tandra Page 1553, Spring Snow

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

(Note; this is the Observation that was scheduled to post on Monday. I’ve no idea why I did not put it up. There were no emergencies to distract me. I simply forgot. I noticed this Observation was missing when I posted yesterday’s Commentary. Because I know my readers hate to miss any of my “What’s New” Observations and because I dislike wasted effort, below is the installment that should have appeared on Monday.)

Mister Johnson came by for a visit yesterday. I fixed him a big glass of Iced Tea and he complained about the weather. Mister Johnson was wondering how much we are going to need to pay Al Gore before Winter can finally come to end and we can see the beginning of Spring this year. Mister Johnson noted there were snowflakes mixed in with the sleet for a few minutes yesterday morning. You remember snowflakes. Those are the little ice crystal things that float down out of the sky and that Al Gore made claim our children would never see unless we paid him tons and tons of money. What would happen, Al Gore insisted, is that the world was gonna heat up and we were all gonna fry and there would be no more snow for children to enjoy.

Of course, yesterday morning’s snow storm lasted only a brief time and, unless you looked closely, you might have missed it. Still, most of us are ready for a bit less snow and for more warm and breezy days.

As Mister Johnson understands it, Al Gore has already raked in tons of money from his Global Warming, Climate Change, Normal Weather Scam and the weather patterns across the world have not changed in any measurable way since Al Gore began screaming the sky was gonna fall. Which all pretty much goes to show you can sell anything and make obscene profits from any snake oil product so long as you have the right marketing campaign.

And on the subject of weather and predictions and of people who have no clue about rain or shine or clouds or snow, Mister Johnson made comment he heard an official prediction for this coming year’s hurricane season and the official forecast is for more storms to form out in the Atlantic this year than last but they will not be so powerful as previously. At the same time Mister Johnson noted weather predictions for the following afternoon, meaning the day after the hurricane forecasts were announced, and Mister Johnson noted the weather predictors got it wrong.

How are you gonna take seriously weather predictions made for six months away by people who cannot accurately predict weather for tomorrow afternoon?

Mister Johnson observed weather predictors and politicians are the only people who can reliably fail to perform the jobs for which they are hired and still remain employed. When I made to include lawyers within that select group, Mister Johnson reminded me that, by and large, politicians are lawyers.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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