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Tandra Page 1554, Wars And Rumours

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

So the American Military is involved in yet another war in the Middle East. I have no solid position on that action, so far. I have been generally in support of President Donald J. Trump to this point, but that does not mean I mindlessly agree with his every decision. As I’ve noted before, it is not clear to me exactly how Syrian Bashar Assad has “crossed the line”. The Assad Regime is doing precisely what America’s Greatest President “Honest” Abraham Lincoln did in this country some 150 years ago. Assad is waging war against women and children for the purpose of grabbing and securing his own personal power. Of certain it is made claim that Assad has used poison gas against his people. There appears some doubt if the facts on the ground confirm that accusation but, even if that charge proves to be true, is there any doubt that “Honest” Abe would himself have authorized chemical weapons against the South in the event he has access to them?

However, doubts aside, the President has access to information that I do not. Perchance there is good reason to involve the American Military and the American People in a war where there are no “good guys” and no “bad guys”, in a war wherein factually there are no “good guys” anywhere in sight and where the objective is not clear and where there are questions if any possible outcome to this war is in the interest of these United States and of the American People.

Certainly it is morally rewarding to come riding in on a white horse to right injustice and moral depravity in the world. But, if standing as the world’s police force and bringing “truth, justice and the American Way” to all of mankind is our objective, we have neither the manpower nor the funds to achieve that lofty goal. To improve the state of the world, both morally and economically, history has shown the most effective method and preferred procedure is to lead by example. You cannot improve a people’s character by military force, by blood and fire.

The only certain method to improve the lot of mankind, of all peoples on this planet, is the method Jesus used, to show a better way by personal example.

For me the jury is still out if President Donald J. Trump has taken the proper course with his military intervention in Syria. I do not have enough information at this point to make a decision. I hope President Donald J. Trump has better information concerning Syria and uses it to better advantage than I am in position to do.

“When your moral code is determined by your politics, you have no morals.” -traditional


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