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Tandra Page 1557, Regime Change

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It’s always dangerous to make predictions as concerns future events, but fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Count me verifiably among the fools.

It is a historical fact that former-President Jimmy Carter delivered Iran into the hands of the Mullahs. Carter made claim the United States supported Shah was a bad man and not fit to be included in invitations to the Beltway Cesspool’s best parties. You know the ones; the parties where “Peanut Jimmy” Carter was the guest of honour and Toast Of The Town. The Shah of Iran, a “Strong Man” who ruled Iran with an Iron Fist was nevertheless rather moderate as “Strong Men” go as rated by Middle Eastern Standards. While reports that the Shah executed some three hundred Iranians who conspired to overthrow him and bring down his regime, no ruler remains long in power if he plays nice with his enemies and presents them with birthday gifts as a token of his appreciation of their “Right To Protest”. The Shah acted in his and in Iran’s best interests.

But “Peanut Jimmy” believed the Shah was out of line to protect his back side and “Peanut Jimmy” betrayed the Shah, stabbed him in the back, and facilitated the takeover of Iran by the Homicidal Mullahs who promptly began executing those who dared oppose them by the thousands. I suppose executing three hundred enemies of the regime who are plotting to overthrow you and bring down your nation shows bad form, but slaughtering the opposition by the thousands and throwing thousands more into prison is, according to “Peanut Jimmy’s” lights, a mark of extreme virtue.

Since “Peanut Jimmy’s” betrayal, the people of Iran have lived under brutal oppression. They have continuously planned and plotted to overthrow the Homicidal Mullahs, but the Beltway Cesspool Thugs have given the Bloody Mullahs unwavering support.

But that was then and this is now.

President Donald J. Trump is not a fan of the Murderous Mullahs and he has announced that America will no longer give aid and comfort to the Homicidal Mullahs. President Donald J. Trump has withdrawn from the worse than bad Iran Deal drawn up and embraced by the corrupt Administration of Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama. While the Murderous Mullahs posture and bluster and generally behave in the manner of spoiled two year olds denied their favourite sugar teat, inside reports reveal the Bloody Mullahs are factually quaking in their boots. The Homicidal Mullahs are terrified!

The People of Iran properly recognize that President Donald J. Trump has withdrawn American support from the Murderous Mullahs, that Iran under the Bloody Mullahs is no longer a client state of the Beltway Cesspool. The People of Iran recognize that, without protection of the American Liberal Regressive Clique, the Murderous Mullahs are vulnerable.

Those with insider knowledge suggest that those Homicidal Mullahs who value their lives and their fortunes are looking to fundamentally change their Zip Codes at the earliest opportunity. The brutal Iranian Regime initiated by former-President Jimmy Carter appears to be coming to a violent end.

It could not happen to a more deserving collection of scum!

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