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Tandra Page 1557, The Stench Of Hate

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I did not listen to all of the Congressional Hearings for President Donald J. Trump’s pick to head the CIA, Gina Haspel. I do have other things to do and listening to a bunch of hack politicians masturbate in public is not high on my list of fun ways to pass my time.

Full Disclosure Department; I am not a big fan of Gina Haspel, nor am I her sworn enemy. I have heard things about her that I like and others that I find a bit troubling. Mebbe I don’t think Gina Haspel would make the perfect CIA Director, but neither do I believe the world will end if she steps in as CIA Director.

But this Observation is not concerned with the potential Director of the CIA. This Observation is about those who were throwing questions at her and what their questions reveal about their primary concerns.

What I heard yesterday in the sound bites were snippets from the public display of the “We Hate America And We Hate America” Crowd. I’m certain there were numerous questions and exchanges that I did not hear, but the ones that were played in News Sound Bites paint a clear and unambiguous picture. Essentially, the questioners demonstrated overmuch concern for those who hate America and who wish to kill Americans, but not so much for Americans themselves. Mainly, the questioners demonstrated a slobbering love affair for America’s enemies but not much affection for Americans. I believe this is not by accident, but by direct design. America and Americans are the enemy to these Quislings while those who wish to do us harm are “brothers in arms” for this crowd.

Let me be crystal clear here. I did a series of pages in the Tandra Crosstown Continuity wherein a mother learned her son had been taken away. A doctor with knowledge of the abduction was cornered and the woman tied him to a tree in a remote area of which his screams were unlikely to be overheard and she began to slowly remove parts of his body with a dull knife. This doctor was no hero. He quickly told all he knew, providing information that allowed the woman to locate her son, and she left the doctor securely bound and went to free her son. She never again gave thought to the doctor and one must assume he remains in place tied to that tree to this day.

If someone with guilty knowledge has information that will save innocent lives, there is no limit to what I favour doing to extract that information from them.

In the case of the America Hating Quislings asking pointed questions of President Donald J. Trumps choice for CIA Director, there appears to be no limit to what extremes they will go to protect their ideological brothers who just wish to kill Americans and to fundamentally transform this country. If it happens that Americans are slaughtered in consequence of Quislings’ protection of those who wish us harm, that’s just a consequence of the roll of the dice and no big deal. Americans are no more than disposable property in the Quisling Universe and not worthy of consideration.

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