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Tandra Page 1557, Legacy

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Doctor Martin Luther King II is an icon of the political establishment. Pretty much everyone worships the ground upon which he once tread. Doctor King is a Saint among saints. No one dares speak ill of him. Pretty much every one of our Founding Fathers and the men who built this country and who stand tall in our history comes under fire from the Liberal Regressives at one time or another, but Doctor King alone is immune. Doctor King even has his own national holiday upon which everyone who is anyone steps forth to make public speeches singing his praises.

But while all this unrestrained praise is lifted to the skies, I look around at the state of men and women of African heritage in this nation and I find not much cause for rejoicing. The murder rate of Blacks killing Blacks is through the roof. In South Chicago last year there were over six hundred homicides. When a white cop shoots a black man for any reason, it makes national headlines and pundits rush to their public speaking arenas to denounce “racism”. When Blacks slaughter Blacks in obscene numbers, all you hear is crickets chirping. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continues Margaret Sanger’s campaign to remove “human weeds” from the national scene while calling the slaughter of black babies “women’s health” and “a woman’s choice.” Depending on your sources, near to half the black babies in America are murdered before they are born, and Margaret Sanger dances for joy in her grave.

Over half of black children are brought up by single moms as a consequence of deliberate Liberal Regressive policy that punishes black men and women from marrying. This means that black children growing up come to adulthood with two strikes against them from the start line,

And this is the “legacy” of Doctor Martin Luther King II?

Of course there are outstanding examples of African Americans who make of themselves spectacular successes. But there were also African American Success Stories in the darkest days of Jim Crow. In every social structure there are those who will rise against all obstacles.

Might I be so politically incorrect as to suggest that, rather than freeing his people, Doctor King sold them down the river? Liberal Regressives love to hold up Doctor King as a champion of his people because it is made claim that Doctor King gave his people freedom. Except that freedom is not something you deposit in a brightly coloured box, wrap in a decorative ribbon and hand out at random. Freedom is something people take by their own initiative, else the people granted the gift of freedom become the bonded servants of the benefactor that handed out the gift in the bright box. Freedom granted as a gift becomes the iron chains of servitude.

The reason Liberal Regressives are so infatuated with Doctor King is that he came to the masters of the plantation with hat in hand and begged the Political Class to grant his people freedom as a gift. The Political Elite understood, even if King did not, that Doctor King was offering the Controlling Class unconditional ownership of a people, that King was selling his people as property to the Slave Masters of the Beltway Cesspool.

Today we see the consequence of Doctor King’s betrayal of his people in the terrible and hopeless condition within which most African Americans pass their lives. Of course the Liberal Regressives honour Doctor King at every opportunity! Doctor King provided to the Masters property they could never have acquired without his complicity.

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