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Tandra Page 1558, May 13, 2018

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This commentary is titled; REMOVING THE MURDEROUS MULLAHS

In February of 1979, with the freely given aid and comfort of then President Jimmy Carter, a clique of Fundamentalist Mullahs and their cronies brought down the 2500 year Persian Dynasty and installed an American and Jewish hating regime of the Iranian Islamic Republic, and the mass slaughter began. President Carter was reported to be offended that the Shah of Iran, an ally of America, had executed some 300 enemies who had plotted to overthrow his regime and, of consequence, aided the Homicidal Mullahs who immediately began the indiscriminate slaughter of thousands and the arbitrary imprisonment of thousands more.

And it is well known the polecat does not change his stripes nor doth he alter his aroma. I noticed in the news this morning that the Carter Center is currently being investigated for the support of terror groups. Not content with assisting in the rise of the Murderous Mullahs and the establishment of the Anti-American Islamic State, there appears reason to believe that Former President Jimmy Carter continues with his vendetta against America and against Americans even out of office. It would appear the Carter Administration is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Every Administration since Carter has made it a point to support the Homicidal Mullahs, some with more direct action than others. This support has ranged from a non-interference hands off policy to the obscenity of transporting secretly, in the dead of night, pallets of billions of dollars in currency and gold to the outlaw Iranian Regime.

But that was then and this is now.

President Donald J. Trump is no acolyte of Former President Jimmy Carter and appears to have no particular enthusiasm for supporting the Murderous Mullahs and their tyrannical abuse of the Iranian People as well as their world wide campaign against America and Americans and our Interests. President Donald J. Trump is presently demonstrating progress in bringing North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un to heel. This is an action as regards North Korea of which no American Administration has taken initiative including American President Harry S. Truman and every U. S. President forward.

With Dictator Kim Jong Un making signs he wishes to survive into old age and that he believes a peace agreement with the South and a reduction in overt hostilities to America is the best path for achieving that goal, President Donald J. Trump is now turning attention to the Homicidal Mullahs. It is reported that word within the White House is that it is far past time for Regime Change in Iran. President Donald J. Trump has already made announcement he is walking away from the so-called Nuclear Agreement with Iran, an “agreement” that is, at best, a non-binding document between Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama and his cronies in Iran. This is an “agreement” that only held force in the Beltway Messiah’s drug fried mind, it never had the status of law nor was it ever a treaty...the bloody thing was never even signed!

So Donald J. Trump has trashed an “agreement” between thugs that is not worth the paper upon which it was written and Liberal Regressives are in a rage. As to reports that the Trump Administration has the Homicidal Mullahs in his sights for Regime Change, the Usual Suspects are screaming that Americans do not wish to have American Troops deployed to Iran in a lengthy war of “nation building”. Excuse me, but precisely how many American Troops did “Peanut” Carter deploy to Iran in his campaign to bring down the Shah and terminate a 2500 year dynasty? If you guessed “zero”, you would be correct. The Iranian Peoples appear in the mood to remove the Bloody Mullahs all by themselves, given a minimum of encouragement.

But wait, scream the enemies of President Trump and worshippers of the corrupt Iranian Regime, look to the American track record of late in the Middle East. In every case wherein the Beltway Authorities have made attempt to re-arrange the political landscape in the Middle East, the consequences and end results have been dysfunctional countries ruled by special interest contingents of thugs primarily aligned with Islam and who have a burning hatred of America and Americans. Generally speaking, American “Nation Building” in the Middle East has brought into power within every nation where such has been attempted a marginal class that hates this country with a fanatical passion. That must be proof positive than American intervention in politics in the Middle East is doomed to result in no good for America.

That is an assumption based upon a false premise!

That false premise is that previous Beltway Administration Policy has been to advance American Interests within the Middle East. This is demonstrably not the case. Rule Of Thumb; When liars speak, believe not the false words that drip from their lips, but rather look upon the undeniable truth of their actions and of its consequences. The facts are that the policies of previous Administrations have been wildly successful in the Middle East and have resulted in outcomes faithfully in line with a corrupt Beltway Agenda pretty much without exception. The spreading chaos and Muslim advances we have seen within the Middle East are in strict and unambiguous compliance with the Liberal Regressive Agenda. Any crocodile tears we see before television cameras of Quisling Beltway Officials waxing eloquent over their horror concerning the violence and depravity are only for public display and for presenting a false picture to Americans. Once the cameras are turned off, the crocodile tears vanish and there are High Fives all around among corrupt officials and Quisling bureaucrats as regards another Middle East “victory”.

Of consequence the narrative that American Policy in the Middle East has resulted in a string of failures and disasters is an open bald faced lie. The Middle East today is the end result of success after success of the Beltway Clique. The only qualification is that this unbroken string of Middle East Success Stories are unilateral victories for the Liberal Regressive Hate America First Clique.

Since we have proof positive that American Initiative can reliably win in the Middle East, is it not about time we took American Policy from the hands of the Liberal Regressive Hate America First Clique and gave a chance for positive change in that part of the world to a President who loves this nation and would rather “Make America Great Again”?

“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Thomas Jefferson

May the sun always shine on your parade!

Next Week; Dragonrok, prisoner of love; but in this case the love is not so much in evidence. Don’t fail to read Tandra Page 1559. Check in beginning Monday, May 14, 2018. Experience the continuing story updated every day at

“Even God can’t please everyone, so I don’t try very hard.” - Traditional


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