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Tandra Page 1558, Free Ride’s End

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I’ve had this story for several days, but other items in the news and elsewhere have pushed this one aside. But today there appears to be a slow down in the flow of late breaking news, so I thought to make mention of this report. The news item that drew my interest is that German Chancellor Angela Merkel (she who sold her people to the Homicidal Mullahs) made claim that Europe can no longer count on the United States for military protection and must “take its destiny into its own hands.”

My response to that goes something like; “Fantastic! It’s about time.” Personally I am long past sick of the long term care and feeding and diaper changing for Europeans who look upon America and Americans with distaste and contempt while they sit on their backsides and allow the fundamental transformation of their continent into a Hard Core Islamic State. While their continent sinks into the Islamic Cesspool, Europeans are selling their daughters in huge numbers as sex slaves for imported Muslim men while morally bankrupt Europeans only have as their ultimate objective to die peacefully in their beds. Europe is, by choice, on a fast track to extinction and factually, if this is the measure of European Cultural Bankruptcy, Europe deserves nothing less.

The case can be made that previous American Administrations are at the root cause of European Decay. Beltway Politicians and Bureaucrats made the deliberate decision to purchase European Cooperation in foreign policy by assuming responsibility for the defense of Europe. There is no more certain method for destroying a people than taking from the responsibility for their own survival and allowing them to take a permanent holiday. Doing so ruins character and self reliance. Such people become pawns to any power seeker who wishes to place them under his control. Enter the Homicidal Mullahs with world wide ambitions and Europeans, removed from the responsibility for their own survival and prosperity, were low hanging fruit for the Murderous Mullahs. Already, as I type this, Most of Europe looks to be a dysfunctional Third World Banana Republic, and the prospects for Europe’s future progress is rapidly down hill from this point forward,

Indeed, Europe’s only hope for survival is to come to the understanding their continued existence is in their own hands, and not a free gift from Uncle Sugar. While the European Leadership is confirmed a lost cause, a corpse searching for a grave, younger Europeans may not be so willing to go peacefully into that long dark night. Younger Europeans may still retain a spark of their European Identity and may be willing to fight for what remains of European Culture. The hour is late but, with God’s help, we hope the hour is not far too late.

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