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Tandra Page 1558, Jihad

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Let me see if I follow this correctly.

According to Islamic Apologists, Jihad has got nothing to do with violence. Jihad is a personal journey of self improvement and personal fulfillment. Jihad is deciding to lose weight over the Summer and get into shape. Jihad is deciding to make of yourself a better neighbour and offering to baby sit the next door couple’s child so that they may go and enjoy a night out. Jihad is deciding to join a campaign to provide food for the homeless. Jihad is deciding to go back to school for a doctor’s degree in Social Work. Jihad is setting out to be a better wife or husband or daughter. Jihad has got nothing to do with violence against the infidel and anyone who makes the vile suggestion that Jihad is violence is a bigoted, racist Islamaphobe! So there!

Which, I guess makes Al-Qaeda front man and spokesperson Doctor Ayman al-Zawahira a bigoted, racist, Islamaphobe First Class.

It is reported that the good Doctor, who took over as head of Al-Qaeda after bin-Laden went to that great third rate brothel in the sky, which is the dream of all of Allah’s True Believers, has issued a statement that all Muslims should rise up and engage in Jihad against the United States and its people. I believe “wage holy war” is the phrase that was quoted by news sources.

So much for personal improvement and resolving to be a better and more considerate neighbour of the couple next door.

And, speaking of Jihad, Muslims threw themselves enthusiastically into Jihad at a prominent border crossing in Israel yesterday. The primary border crossing where this Jihad assault occurred was one where all the Network News cameras were concentrated. There’s no real point, doncha know, for engaging in violent Jihad unless you can get your face on CNN.

At last reported count, some thirty odd “demonstrators” were wounded in this most recent Jihad for personal improvement. The Israeli Border Guards were able to successfully hold the mob back, thanks in no small part to the excellent marksmanship of the Israelis. One incident described how it was that a single shot was fired from the Israeli Border Guards whereupon six of the “demonstrators” fell down screaming in agony.

Six hits with one shot! That is pretty impressive, no matter which side you are rooting for. Even Annie Oakley was not that good.

But CNN dutifully recorded the farce and reported with a straight face as to how the bad ol’ Israeli Border Guards were slaughtering the peaceful and innocent “demonstrators” to the extent of dropping six of them with one shot!

It is not only Hollywood that specializes in fantasy narratives these days.

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