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Tandra Page 1558, State Run Media

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Yesterday I made observation of how the State Run Media is acting as Public Relations Organizations for HAMAS and for al-Qaeda. Not that I was shocked. This is the brand of evil we have come to expect from the Liberal Regressive Media. The Quislings have abandoned any pretense of reporting factual events on the ground. Today they simply make stuff up and report their fantasy fiction as “news”. The Beltway Quislings have openly embraced unapologetic evil and are engaged in a slobbering love affair with corruption and brutality. Liberal Regressives have never met an enemy of America with whom they did not rush to make an alliance of cooperation. Liberal Regressives have become so depraved they hate the good for being good and hold a fanatical love of evil simply because it is evil.

Until recently, there was some effort by the Beltway Quislings to pretend they are not the depraved and vicious agents of evil they truly are. There was an effort to disguise and hide their actual motives. Such is no longer the case. Yesterday State Run Media outlets were openly and unapologetically supporting depraved mob violence while condemning one of the most important ceremonies of our time, the official opening of the American Embassy in the city of Jerusalem, capitol of the Jewish State. Liberal Regressive heads were exploding.

The delusional are making claim the extreme hostility to opening the Embassy is all about President Donald J. Trump. They insist Beltway Quislings have a burning hatred of all things Trump. These people are not taking into account facts on the ground. Liberal Regressives have an abiding hatred of America and of all things American and they have a slobbering love affair with Evil and with all things in the cause of Evil. Trump is no more than a convenient focus of their fanatical hatred.

The Beltway Quislings hate the good for being good with such intensity there is a concentrated effort on the part of Liberal Regressives to hide and destroy any narrative of which they do not approve. Those who are not in support of the “global warming” narrative and the Liberal Regressive solution, which is to forfeit all your property to the Liberal Regressive Cabal, must be marginalized and silenced. Anyone who does not support the wanton slaughter of children must be marginalized and silenced. Those of us who hold that the United States Constitution is the legal Law Of The Land must be marginalized and silenced. Anyone who gives support to Israel and who fails to hate Jews with sufficient enthusiasm must be marginalized and silenced.

Americans have allowed the Quislings and the America Haters to gain absolute monopoly of the Media. It is Quislings (America Haters) who run Hollywood. It is Quislings who head the State Run Media. It is Quislings who set policy for Social Media. In all cases, their agenda is to marginalize Americans and silence us. Facebook, conducting a scorched earth campaign to marginalize and silence Americans, has announced policy of shutting down those who love this nation and of utilizing the standards of the New York Times for deciding what is allowed to appear on Facebook. And we all recognize the Hate America First Agenda of the New York Times and news services of their stripe. Within the past three months Facebook has removed 2.5 million items of “hate speech”, and it is Facebook Executives who determine what is to be targeted as “hate speech”. In simple words, “hate speech” is anything and everything that fails to march in lock step with the Hate America Agenda of Facebook Executives and Social Media Quislings.

Critics of Facebook Policy and of policy of other Social Media conglomerates look to Government to regulate Social Media. But Government is not the solution to Quisling control of Social Media. Government is the problem. Given regulation power to Government is no more than exchanging one tyrannical censor for another.

The answer to Quisling control over Social Media is competition from Social Media firms that will refrain from using customers as property to be marketed, packaged and sold for profit while refusing to strictly controlling Social Media content to the advantage of the Deep State.

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