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Tandra Page 1558, The New Nazis

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It is not considered “politically correct” to call someone a Nazi these days even though it is obvious the Liberal Regressive Clique and the Deep State Media are over saturated with Quislings who are out-and-proud Socialists who brag and bluster that they hate Israel and that they hate Jews. The objection to labeling thugs who act in the manner of Nazis is that, not unlike the label “racist”, the claim that someone or some group is taking on the character of Nazis has been so over used that such a claim has lost its sting. Calling someone a “Nazi” no longer is much of an insult. When everyone is potentially a Nazi, so goes the argument, no one is factually a Nazi.

When it looks like a duck, when it quacks like a duck, when it walks like a duck and when it acts like a duck, what you have is a duck!

Today we have an abundance of Liberal Regressives and out and proud Quislings who walk, talk and act like Nazis. Pretending these are really nice people who truly want only to get along with everyone and who are just misunderstood by intolerant reactionaries does not alter in the least that these people are factually evil and that they worship at the altar of a vicious and degenerate ideology.

The recent and on-going storm over the opening of the United States Embassy in the Israeli Capitol of Jerusalem brought the Jew Hating Roaches out of the shadows and into the spotlight of fellow traveler CNN and the rest of the Deep State Media. I do not believe that there has ever been so much virulent and racist hate (this from amoral degenerates who make a campaign of insisting racism is the most despised evil of which mankind is known to be subject) inspired by one event in all the history of the human race. Every Socialist and Jew Hater across the globe was out in the streets and on television placing with wild enthusiasm on public display his inner Nazi and the Deep State Media was there to advance and encourage the most deplorable hatred against a single small nation and her people ever demonstrated for all the world to see.

As with the Nazis of old, the New Nazis again partnered with their most reliable allies against Israel and the Jews. This continued partnership between the Children of Allah and the new Socialists tells you everything you might want to know about this duck that walks like a Nazi, quacks like a Nazi, acts like a Nazi and looks like a Nazi!

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