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Tandra Page 1561, Trump Haters

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

There are now more jobs going begging in these United States than there are people to fill them.

This has never before happened. Never. Ever.

Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama said, of course, that this was never going to happen. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama said the future of these United States was to follow in the path of Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea where a few of the select Smartest People In The Room live a life of privilege and luxury while those in Fly-over Country eat grass and line up for their monthly ration of Food Stamps.

Make no mistake. Failed Socialist States are the ultimate goal of the Liberal Regressives. Failed Socialist States where a select few of the Socialist Elite live in the lap of decadent luxury while the vast majority of the populace starve and stand bare foot in the snow while taking orders from their ruling masters are the “perfect societies” of which Liberal Regressives wet dreams are made.

And President Donald J. Trump is the fly in the ointment of Liberal Regressives’ march toward their Perfect World where the United States exists only as another satrap of a One World Government (a “New World Order” as President George H. W. Bush so eloquently phrased it) wherein the world is ruled by the corrupt United Nations and wherein the Bush Family and their cronies are best positioned to rule the United Nations. At the time when President Bush The First made his iconic proclamation, I observed that Bush had visions of a New World Order wherein he and his cronies give the orders.

And the Bush Family hates President Donald J. Trump with a purple passion they never vented against Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama, even while he purposefully and with dedicated forethought and deliberate intent set out to dismantle the American Republic piece by piece and to fundamentally transform this nation into Venezuela. The Bush Family and their fellow travelers had no problem with Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was their guy. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama was on their side. Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama shared the Bush World View.

It was only when Donald J. Trump appeared to run for President that the Bush Family and their cronies and hangers on came out with the long knives and decided to again become politically active rather than to remain discretely in the background as befits a former President. The claim was that Donald J. Trump is an outsider with no skills for the Oval Office, that Trump is a loud mouth buffoon who will push forward terrible policies detrimental to this nation. But, with almost eighteen months of track record behind him, with unfailing support for Israel and negotiations with North Korea on track, with this nation in the middle of an economic boom, with manufacturing jobs Generalissimo Barack Hussein Obama promised were gone forever returning to this nation, it is clear the Bush Establishment and the Beltway Cesspool do not have a problem with President Donald J. Trump’s lack of political expertise nor with his capricious and arbitrary policies.

The issue the Trump Haters have with the President is that he intends to “Make America Great Again”, to make America once more a sovereign nation and not a country downgraded to a socialist satrap of the corrupt United Nations to be ruled by the Bush Family and their “New World Order” cronies.

It is not for President Donald J. Trump’s flawed character the Beltway Cesspool hates him nor for his domestic and foreign policy inexperience. Bush and the Cesspool hate President Donald J. Trump for snatching the crown of absolute monarch of a One World Government under authority of a corrupt United Nations from the iron grasp of the Smartest People In The Room.

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