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Tandra Page 1561, Religion Of Peace

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Since then President George W. Bush set forth in the days shortly after Nine-Eleven his public relations initiative with encouragement and support from his Saudi benefactors and financial partners that “Islam is a religion of peace”, Americans have fallen victim to a vicious lie. It is not certain that President George W. Bush was aware he was promoting a lie with the encouragement of the Saudi Regime. The Saudi Royals, of whom the Bush Dynasty is certainly joined at the hip, most enthusiastically pushed this false narrative upon President Bush, a lie the Bush Family was eager to embrace because the power and position the Bush Family holds in the political world is directly supported and sustained by Saudi Oil Money. So, quite naturally, the Bush Family is eager to believe any lie that drips from the lips of the depraved Saudi Royals. If the Bush Family were to admit that they were complicit with and beholding to an evil regime that practices and promotes the most vicious and depraved ideology on the face of the planet, the Bush Family would be admitting to being complicit with an ideology of blood and conquest. Of course the Bush Family is more than delighted to suck up to the lies of Islam and Islam’s advocates.

The argument goes that not all Muslims are vicious Jihadists, which is to state the obvious. The fact is that the vast majority of Muslims are like the vast majority of any organization. They are mostly concerned with their own lives and are not over active in the Muslim Agenda. In fact, it is said that ninety percent of Muslims have never read the Quran and have no idea of what this user guide for butchers and looters actually promotes. How could they? Allah is a retard who only understands and communicates in one language and the majority of Muslims today do not speak Arabic. Muslims generally rely upon Imams to tell them what is in their “holy book” and Imams fully understand Islam makes demand that true Muslims have a duty to lie for the purpose of advancing Islam. Muslims who attend mosques hear only the message Imams believe serve Islam’s interests short term.

In fact, rank and file Muslims are not the bad guys here. Arabic Muslims were the first victims of Islam and Muslims today continue to be the primary victims of this ideology of unrepentant evil. It is made claim that not all Muslims are terrorists and that is undeniably true. Not all Muslims are obsessed with conquest of the whole of the globe by fire and sword. Not all Muslims are secret Jihadists covertly engaged in the destruction of Western Civilization. But all Muslims subscribe to a vicious ideology that advances that precise and destructive agenda.

It is possible, indeed a matter of duty, to oppose an ideology while having compassion for the unfortunate victims of that awful ideology. Any person of good conscience knows that the support of Islam is to enforce the chains that bind Muslims to this depraved ideology. Those who have true compassion for the millions held in slavery by the foul ideology of Islam will seek to free Muslims from their chains.

Men of evil who support Islam have no true compassion for Muslims. Those depraved persons who proclaim their support for the ultimate evil only wish to exploit Muslims for their own ends and there is no love of Muslims in their hearts.

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