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Tandra Page 1561, Caroline Glick

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I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Anyone who cares about Israel or, for that matter, cares about what is going on in the Middle East should check out on a regular basis. Better still, subscribe to her newsletter.

Caroline Glick is a news and opinion piece writer who reports from Israel. She was born in the United States, but moved to Israel and served time in the Israel Military. Caroline Glick is an unapologetic pro-Israel writer.

But whether you are a supporter of the State of Israel, as am I, or if you are indifferent to the Jews, Caroline Glick provides a perspective on Israel and on the Middle East you won’t see from the New York Times, CNN or Fox News. And that is valuable insight to have. You see, the news we get from the Middle East is reported by people with a view from outside and edited by persons who know the Middle East only from a distance. Certainly some of them have been stationed there for some time and a number of editors have visited Israel, but they are all creatures from this side of the pond. Some of them have an agenda while others make an effort at honest reporting, but their lives are not centered in Israel and the Middle East. When crisis erupts, these “neutral” observers can pack their bags and go home, and they know it. This disconnect, even with those of best intention, flavors their observations. They remain detached from the events of which they are reporting.

Caroline Glick has not the option to pack her bags and go home when things go bad. Israel is her home!

This gives her reporting and her editorial observations an urgency you will not find in the reports of temporary residents who are writing to please editors and publishers back home who sell their product to Americans. Caroline Glick is reporting from her home country for men and women who live in Israel and who have a critical personal interest in the fate of Israel.

Of consequence, Caroline Glick’s writing is more urgent and more honest.

I never fail to read what Caroline Glick writes and, if you have interest in Israel and the Middle East, neither should you!

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