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Tandra Page 1562, June 10, 2018

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This commentary is titled; FIFTY BILLION SHADES OF GRAY

Moral Equivalence is a term used in political debate, usually to deny that a moral comparison can be made of two sides in a conflict, or in the actions or tactics of two sides. The term had some currency in polemic debates about the Cold War, and more currently the Arab–Israeli conflict. -Wikipedia

The Moral Equivalency Clique make the claim there is no black nor white, no good nor evil, no virtue nor depravity, that all moral choices are reduced to varying shades of gray. Your perception of what is good and what constitutes evil depends upon how you feel on a given day, upon what you had for breakfast. There are no moral absolutes, so the Multicultural Advocates tell us, but only cultural conditioning. Killing a baby is no different from giving it milk. There are no good choices and no bad choices, but only choices of shades of gray as determined by the variant changes in the direction of the winds of human society. Morality is in no way absolute, but rather a temporary preference as decided by the masters of culture, by the Smartest People In The Room.

There are those who have made observation that the Smartest People In The Room these days have not the intelligence to look between their legs and to determine if they should be wearing pink or if they should dress in blue. Conditions on the ground give every evidence that the ignorance and stupidity of the self-identified Smartest People In The Room is iconic. There is no question, no issue of which the Smartest People In The Room cannot be relied upon to come down on the wrong side.

Which gives lie to the Liberal Regressive contention of the Smartest People In The Room that every moral choice is only a difference in the intensity of graduated shades of gray. If there is no black nor white, no good nor evil, no virtue nor depravity, how is it that Liberal Regressive Clique can be reliably depended upon to make choice that advances evil and rejects the good, and to do so with absolute consistency?

The fact is that those who seek to rule over us, those who deny virtue and make sacrifices at the altar of vicious depravity are people who have willingly and with deliberately premeditated forethought made accommodations with evil and have sold their rotted souls for the will-of-the-wisp promise of absolute power to rule over men and to reconstruct this world in their own depraved image.

Liberal Regressives know for fact that black is black and that white is white and that the good is to be infinitely preferred to evil and that virtue is superior to depravity, but evil and debauchery are the path to power and evil men worship power above all else. But men cannot live knowing they are rotted souls of unrepentant evil. Even mass murderers make claim the slaughter in which they engage is actually an atrocity committed for the greater good of the masses. Six million Jews are murdered for the betterment of the German people and sixty-five million babies are slaughtered for the good of society and to remove the “human weeds”.

Evidence on the ground gives indication that those who have made accommodations with evil know full well there are indeed standards of good and evil, of virtue and depravity and that white exists as does black. But these foul creatures who have abandoned any claim to a moral compass prefer always evil over the good, they prefer always depravity over virtue and they choose the darkest black over the light of white, but they dare not admit such to those about them, nor even to themselves.

Thus they prefer to make the false claim there is no choice of good over evil, of virtue over depravity, but that there is only the choice of degrees of depravity. And the Smartest People In The Room fool no one, not even, ultimately, themselves. While their lying lips make claim there are no moral choices to be made, that all choices are of shades of ever darker gray, that Moral Equivalency is the watchword of the day, the clear evidence on the ground demonstrates for all to see that these people have made the choice of evil over good, of dark over the light, of depravity over virtue because evil is their objective and depravity is their preference.

That is who they are!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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